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Remote Support

See what customers see in a live video call or photo sent via SMS. Customers can join a video call via a text message without downloading an app.

Enable Remote Support with AgriSync

In rapidly changing times, keeping up with customers and their dynamic preferences is imperative. An estimated 70% of the global workforce is remote at least one day every week. And with 66% of consumers using at least three communication channels to contact customer service, it's imperative that your team can effectively document those various interactions.

Enable Remote Support with Live Video Assistance
Live Video Assistance

Enable Remote Support with Video Call Documentation
Video Call Documentation

Enable Remote Support with Visual Validation
Visual Validation

Live Video Assistance

Turn a complex phone conversation into a quick solution over video. Customer are able to walk you through their issues via a remote video call. Invite others to collaborate on the issue.

Enable Remote Support with Live Video Assistance
Enable Remote Support with Automatic Call Documentation

Documented Calls

Advisors can capture still images during a video call that are automatically saved to the ticket in AgriSync. The time spent on each call is automatically saved to the ticket.


increase in profitability is seen by companies embracing digital transformation.

No App. No Problem.

Your customers can easily join a video call via text message link. There's no time wasted with an app download or lengthy registration process. Video calls work on both iPhone and Android devices.

Enable Remote Support without the Need for an App
Enable Remote Support with Visual Validation

Visual Validation

Send and receive photos via text message to help solve complex problems and validate findings. Photos are automatically saved within the ticket.

Bulk Text Alerts

Connect with your customers about timely updates in bulk messages using AgriSync's Broadcast feature. Messages can include the link to a video, photo, or PDF.

Enable Remote Support with Bulk Text Alerts
“The ability to remotely support a customer is becoming increasingly important in today's world. We utilize John Deere's RDA to support their displays. AgriSync takes it to the next level by giving us better visibility to what the customer is experiencing and allowing us to better support him by reducing or possibly eliminating a visit to the tractor.”
"AgriSync has allowed us to run two dedicated call centers virtually so we can keep our field staff engaged in field operations and have the two call centers run flawlessly and help everybody get taken care of. The feedback has been awesome from customers and from our team. Guys are able to rotate shifts and not have to worry about their customers getting taken care of. With our recent merger in October 2018, we were able to give the customers of both organizations the security of knowing they are going to get taken care of the first time they call."
Stephen Swain
Quality Equipment