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Choose a plan that's right for you

14 day free trial


For individuals
or a single team
of 3 Advisors

$ 100

Billed Monthly
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  • 3 Advisor seats
  • 1 team hotline for phone & SMS
  • Remote video support
  • Centralized ticket hub
  • Assign conversations
  • Organize tickets with share tags
  • Interaction data with Insights
  • Bulk SMS with Broadcast


For organizations
with more than
3 Advisors

$ 80

per user
per month

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  • 4+ Advisor seats
  • Up to 5 hotlines for phone & SMS
  • Remote video support
  • Centralized ticket hub
  • Assign conversations
  • Organize tickets with share tags
  • Interaction data with Insights
  • Bulk SMS with Broadcast
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customized onboarding
  • *Pricing is for US & Canada, in USD. Contact help@agrisync.com for international pricing.


Full platform access
with enterprise data
and API access


Contact sales

  • Unlimited Advisor seats
  • 5+ team hotlines for phone & SMS
  • Remote video support
  • Centralized ticket hub
  • Assign conversations
  • Organize tickets with share tags
  • Interaction data with Insights
  • Bulk SMS with Broadcast
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customized onboarding
  • Multi-country access
  • Enterprise data access
  • API access
  • White label opportunity

Frequently Asked Questions

General Answers
  • Each advisor can enroll in one trial annually.
  • A Farmer can convert to an Advisor plan at any time. Once invited by an Advisor account administrator, we assign that user a seat within the Advisor subscription.
  • Advisor account administrators can add more advisors to their team subscription at any time from their admin page after logging in at www.agrisync.com.
Are sessions and information sent through AgriSync private and secure?
  • Yes. All support sessions through AgriSync are private and safe. We will not share or market private sessions between farmers and their trusted advisors.  Your live support sessions are not recorded.
  • We encourage all users to read our privacy policy and contact us at help@agrisync.com with any questions or feedback.
Using AgriSync
  • With flat fee annual subscription, Advisors may hold unlimited virtual support sessions with their customers and internal staff.
  • Farmers can receive support from an unlimited number of advisors from multiple companies through AgriSync.
What are my payment options?
  • Advisors pay securely via major credit card by setting up payment details after logging in at www.agrisync.com. We use a PCI-compliant payment processor and do not store users' credit card details.
  • The account administrator for Advisor subscribers can pay via credit card at www.agrisync.com or request an electronic invoice by contacting help@agrisync.com. Any quantity of advisors can be added to an Advisor subscription at any time simply by paying the incremental subscription fees.

You can cancel your subscription anytime at www.agrisync.com or by contacting help@agrisync.com  

What happens at the end of my trial?
  • AgriSync will send an email reminding all Advisors to add payment details about 10 days before the trial expires. By adding payment details, Advisors can continue to use AgriSync to support farmers after the initial 30 day free trial.
  • Advisor accounts will be deactivated at the end of the trial period if payment details have not been added to the user’s profile through www.agrisync.com
How does the AgriSync free trial work for Advisors?

A 30-day free trial for Advisors starts when the Advisor’s account is created via www.agrisync.com. To keep the account active, Advisors must complete their profile and add credit card payment information at www.agrisync.com prior to the trial expiration.

Is AgriSync free for Farmers?

Yes, AgriSync is free for farmers.

What is the functional difference for a Farmer and Advisor in AgriSync?
  • Farmers can request and receive support through AgriSync for free. Farmers cannot start a video session with other AgriSync users.
  • Advisors can deliver help to Farmers and other Advisors through AgriSync. Advisors can start live video support sessions with Farmer users and other Advisors.

What others are saying about AgriSync®

"The ability to remotely support a customer is becoming increasingly important in today's world. We utilize John Deere's RDA to support their displays. AgriSync takes it to the next level by giving us better visibility to what the customer is experiencing and allowing us to better support him by reducing or possibly eliminating a visit to the tractor."
Barry Peterson
Integrated Solutions Manager, Papé Machinery
"With the speed that precision technology advances, it’s essential to keep up to speed on that technology and be able to answer the questions in a fast and efficient manner. Our technicians [are] able to see what the customer sees and find errors in setup more efficiently, rather than having to go to the field. That takes time to get there, so the customer can eliminate downtime and increase their profitability.”
Scott Meldrum
Integrated Solutions Manager, Van Wall Equipment
”It doesn’t matter how good the technology is if you don’t understand how to work it. Having a trusted advisor that understands the technology and can train you on it and keep it current and up to date is the most valuable part of the technology. Our customers are over and over again that in the 11th hour we’re able to come through hand make their technology work in ways that they weren’t sure it was going to. Keeping them running when they need to be running is absolutely critical.”
Adam Gittins
General Manager, HTS Ag
“We provide innovative solutions that help our customers be more efficient and productive, and reduce downtime. AgriSync helps us do that. We’re enhancing customer support and are standing by our commitment to keep our farmers up and running.”
Jeff Lemna
Director of Customer Support, RDO Equipment
“It doesn't matter how big your territory is, when a grower has an issue they need help right now. These tools let us reduce down time for the grower, and driving time for us. That means everybody is more productive, and that hopefully means a happier grower that tells their neighbors about the service they get at Central Valley Ag.”
Keith Byerly
Advanced Cropping Systems (ACS) Manager, Central Valley AG

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