How it Works

  1. Advisors sign up and download the app in five minutes or less.
  2. Invite company team members to join AgriSync from the mobile app or web dashboard.
  3. Invite your farmer customers to use AgriSync before they need to request your help.
  4. A farmer requests help from his local, trusted advisor by submitting a ticket with an issue description attaching any text, images and videos.
  5. The advisor receives a text alert about an issue that needs resolved .
  6. When the advisor is ready to connect via live chat, the advisor has control of the call and will start the live conversation. Advisors see exactly what the farmer is seeing by controlling the camera. Capture images within the live call that can be automatically added to ticket details for a later reference.
  7. After the conversation is complete, you will end the call and provide feedback about the quality of the call. Farmers provide feedback about the quality of service received from advisors and advisors have the ability to mark the call as “flagged” for further attention or “billable” and will receive instant feedback about your customer service interaction.
  8. Check out the web dashboard at any time to download all customer service data that has been tracked.


Use Case