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AgriSync® Glossary

Advisor: Someone in the agriculture industry who provides service and support to farmers. An advisor could be a company or consultant. Examples include: equipment dealers, precision ag specialists, ag retailers, crop consultants, agronomists, and extension agents.

Ag Retail Advisor: A company or individual who sells and manages farm supplies and products- fertilizer, insecticide, herbicide, seed. Example: Cooperatives

Precision Technology Advisor: a company or individual whose day to day business primarily focuses around supporting, improving, and selling precision technology. Example: precision ag specialists, precision operations managers, etc.

Equipment Dealer Advisor: a company or individual who sells and provides support for agriculture equipment.

University Extension Advisor: A university extension and outreach agriculture affiliated team who provides support and service to the general public.

Agronomy Consultant Advisor: A company or individual who provides expertise and solutions to agronomic issues.

Farm Manager Advisor: A company or individual who manages the business and decision making for a farm.

Animal Health Advisor: A company or individual who provides expertise and support to those who care for and manage livestock

Risk and Insurance Advisor: A company or individual who provides expertise in insurance and risk management.

Farmer: Anyone who receives support from local agricultural advisors. Someone who does not work for a company that has an advisor subscription. Someone looking for help and advice when a problem arises on the farm.

Advisor Team Leader: If an agriculture advisor signs up for a subscription and has a team that provides support and advice for farmers, the team lead would be the first advisor from the team to sign up to use the app. The team leader then takes further steps to invite the other team members to AgriSync. They will take leadership in managing the AgriSync app and will be the main point of contact for the AgriSync company.

Ticket: A tracking item that is the communication tool between farmer and advisor. When a problem needs fixed and a farmer or advisor needs help, a new ticket is created. This ticket is a way to send the immediate message to indicate a problem that needs resolved. It is the connection point between advisor and farmer. Send text, picture, and live video messages in an individual ticket.

Dashboard: A location on the website and the app that is individualized for each person and is the connecting point for advisory teams. Provides the ability to track tickets, export ticket details to an Excel document, and track, invite, and manage contacts

Your Trusted List: This list is your list of contacts that have the app installed and the individual farmer or advisor has communicated with in the app.

Closed Tickets: When a problem arises a ticket is created and is the main connection point for farmers and advisors. After they communicate and resolve the problem, feedback is given. Once both the farmer and advisor give feedback on the app, the ticket is considered “closed” or completed.

Automated Response: Within the app, advisors have the ability to select an automated response to let other advisors and farmers who would like to get in contact with them know that they will get back at a certain time. Options for automated responses are: none, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, or out of office. This can be found in the main menu within the AgriSync app.

AgriSync Directory: The directory of advisors that are using the app can be found by selecting “add contact” button on the top right corner within the app. You can see which companies are using the app and select your own trusted advisor from the list if listed.

Invite (from contacts): After selecting the “add contact” button on the top right corner within the app, both farmers and advisors have the option to invite other farmers or advisors to use the app from a personal contact within your phone. The farmer or advisor will receive a text invite based on the number you selected from your own contact list in your personal phone.

Add from AgriSync Directory: After selecting the “add contact” button on the top right corner within the app, both farmers and advisors have the option to invite other advisors to use the app by searching the AgriSync Director. Once you find your right advisor, he or she will be added to ‘Your Trusted List.’

Quick Invite (via text): After selecting the “add contact” button on the top right corner within the app, both farmers and advisors have the option to invite other advisors or farmers from a phone number. No need for searching for the number in your phone or in the directory if you already have the farmer or advisor phone number readily available.

Real-time Video Support: This means that a video conversation can happen right now; In the present tense; ASAP; No waiting around. The video technology allows farmers and advisors to see exactly what the other sees directly on the smart phone.

Service alerts: Sounds and messages that notify the farmer or advisor of something important in the app. Example: a new invite or contact message or an advisor starting a video call

Support sessions: Each time a new ticket is open and communication happens where an advisor provides expertise to a farmer, a support session occurs.

Platform: The type of device that is being used to run the AgriSync app. Examples: IOS (apple/iPhone), Android, or Web.

Advisor Toolkit: A resource for advisors to take advantage of that provides tools and documentation for communicating the idea of the app to farmer customers and other peer advisors.