General Answers
  • Each advisor is entitled to one trial annually, either through an Advisor Basic trial or a Team Basic trial.
  • An Advisor Basic user can convert to become part of a Team Basic plan at any time. Once invited by a Team Basic account administrator, we stop the Advisor Basic monthly payment and assign that user to a seat within the Team Basic subscription. We keep the farmer connections in place for an easy transition.
  • Team Basic account administrators can add more advisors to their team subscription at any time from their admin page after logging in at www.agrisync.com.
  • Future: We are working on a low-cost option for farmers who wish to have an archive of their support sessions to share with fellow farm team members. More to come on this service.

Are sessions and information sent through AgriSync private and secure?
  • Yes. All support sessions through AgriSync are private and safe. AgriSync uses the same industry leading technology as many of the telemedicine providers. We will not share or market private sessions between farmers and their trusted advisors.
  • We encourage all users to read our privacy policy and contact us at help@agrisync.com with any questions or feedback.

Using AgriSync
  • Advisors may host unlimited virtual support sessions with their farmer customers through AgriSync — no per minute, per acre or per session fees.
  • Advisors can invite and support an unlimited number of farmer customers to AgriSync.
  • Farmers can invite and receive support from an unlimited number of advisors from multiple companies through AgriSync.
What are my payment options?
  • Advisor Basic users pay securely via major credit card by setting up the payment details after logging in at www.agrisync.com. We use an online payments industry standard and do not store users’ credit card details.
  • The account administrator for Team Basic subscribers can pay via credit card at www.agrisycnc.com or request an electronic invoice by contacting help@agrisync.com. Any quantity of advisors can be added to a Team Basic subscription for $500 per mobile advisor annually.
What happens at the end of my trial?
  • AgriSync will send an email reminding all Advisor Basic users and Team Basic account administrators to add payment details about 10 days before the trial expires. By adding payment details, Advisors can continue to use AgriSync to support farmers after the initial 30 day free trial.
  • Advisor Basic and Team Basic accounts will be deactivated at the end of the trial period if payment details have not been added to the user’s profile through www.agrisync.com (Advisor Basic and Team Basic) or the annual subscription invoice has not been paid (email invoicing available for Team Basic only).

How does the AgriSync free trial work for Advisors?
  • Individual advisors may use Advisor Basic for 30 days at no cost. The trial starts when the account is created via www.agrisync.com. To keep the account active, Advisor Basic users must complete their profile and add credit card payment information at www.agrisync.com prior to the trial expiration.
  • Advisor teams may use Team Basic for up to 30 days at no cost for up to 5 mobile advisors. The trial starts when the account is created via www.agrisync.com. To keep a Team Basic account active, the account administrator must pay the full year Team Basic subscription prior to the end of the 30 day trial.
Is AgriSync free for Farmers?
  • Yes, the Farmer Basic account is free forever.
What is the functional difference for a Farmer and Advisor in AgriSync?
  • Farmers can request and receive support in AgriSync for free. Farmers cannot start a video session with other AgriSync users.
  • Advisors can offer help in AgriSync. Advisors can start a video support session with Farmer users and other Advisors.