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We have a new program for small teams of experts providing remote support due to COVID-19.
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Measure your Customer Experience

Bring visibility to your customer activity with Insights. Know how your team is performing with a variety of metrics such as call time, time to resolution, ticket activity, and more.


Customers around the world have increased their expectations for customer service. 54% say their expectations rose in the past year and 52% believe companies should act on customer feedback. Knowing how your team is preforming makes identifying areas of improvement simple. Companies that use tools to track customer experience reduce their cost of service by 15-20%.

Time to First Response

Time to Resolution

View Trending Issues

Businesses Depending on AgriSync

Time to First Response

Displayed on the Tickets page, Time to First Response measures the median time it takes your team to act on an unassigned ticket over the last two weeks. Easily empower your team to set goals to continually improve the customer experience.


Time to Resolution

Understand how long it takes your advisors to assist customers from start to finish. Overtime you can identify bottle necks in your processes and make adjustments as needed to improve the customer experience.


of brands measure customer engagement but cannot define it.

View Trending Issues

Using the Ticket Tags feature, evaluate ticket volume based on types of issues your company defines.


Monitor Ticket Activity

View ticket activity over time to identity busy seasons and better plan for seasonal headcount adjustments.

Evaluate Team Activity

Evaluate ticket activity for individual users and teams. Recognize & incentivize top performers, and identify areas of your processes that can be improved.

"The reporting that we can get out of AgriSync assures me as a manager that we're properly taking care of our customers. A big part of winning the aftermarket is the customer experience. Utilizing AgriSync from customer-facing or being able to help internal employee development helps us increase our ability to communicate internally but also communicate with our customers in a format that a lot of younger customers are wanting. They may not always want to call, but they may text in to try to get help for a problem."

Bring Visibility to Customer Activity

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