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Work or Family? Should you have to choose?

Quick...easy...two words you don't typically associate with precision agriculture.

Farmers inevitably will find themselves, at some point in time, stuck in the field with error messages flashing on their monitor screen. So what do they do? Exactly what they have always done: ask their trusted agriculture advisor, probably a precision ag specialist, for help. Sometimes solving monitor issues requires more than simply hearing about the issue, though. With the complex technologies in precision ag, the best way to fix a problem is to see it.  

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Does working in service mean giving up your personal life?

Traditionally when trusted advisors need to see what the farmer sees, they hop in the truck and drive out to the farm. Even if you're on your way to your son's baseball game, that means you have to turn around to go help a farmer out. Or maybe you had to wrap up a fishing trip earlier than you wanted to during peak season

Using modern agriculture in the service department.

With modern technology, leading dealerships are turning to alternative methods to solve problems quicker without ramping up their odometers, and giving family time back to advisors and farmers alike. The less time a farmer is waiting in the field for an advisor to come and help him, the more time they can spend on other pieces of their business or with their families. That's one reason Michael Schmidt, President of Central Illinois Ag, is always trying to find ways to communicate with his farmer customers faster. 

Communicating faster means solving problems faster.

When Michael was looking for ways to improve communication between farmers and his employees, he turned to AgriSync. Michael says, “We always try to find a way to communicate faster with our customers. So now, if they have a problem, they can literally send a photo, a message, and we can share our screens. If we’ve seen it, we can answer that question instantly. They don’t have to wait on hold.”

More uptime is good for your farmer customers, good for you.

No one complains when a problem is solved quickly and accurately, but the same can't be said when a farmer experiences an extended amount of downtime. AgriSync is helping advisors solve non-toolbox issues within a few minutes to get their farmer customers back up and running quickly. AgriSync allows advisors to help their farmer customers without traveling a mile. That means advisors don't have to miss the kids' soccer game...or that trophy bass. So go ahead and reel out your line, and don't worrying about whether you'll have to leave too soon before catching the "big one." 

Work more efficiently with AgriSync.

Get started with your free trial of AgriSync to see why agriculture experts rely on AgriSync to better manage their time and spend more time solving issues instead of driving from farm to farm only to push a single button.

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