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Who and What is an AgriSync Advisor?


The agriculture industry doesn’t have a rule book or a glossary of terms that we all function by so we thought that we would clear up some terminology that we use at AgriSync on a daily basis.

AgriSync has two distinct users- farmers and advisors. We have contemplated what we should call the men and women who provide service in agriculture each day to make business flow. Should they be called ag professionals, agribusiness consultants, ag experts, or agriculture advisors? All terms seem logical but our team wanted to clarify what we mean by classifying someone as an “Advisor.” Take note that we also give credit to our farmers who are experts in their own right. One of our big challenges is creating some labels and frameworks for thinking about how knowledge and help is given and received in production ag. With a little further thinking and explanation, this is what we mean by the term ‘AgriSync Advisor.’

Here are a few key things to ask yourself:

Do I help farmers?

Do I work for a business in agriculture?

Do I have the ability to solve problems for my business or farmer customers?


If you answered yes to all of these questions, consider yourself an AgriSync Advisor. Thank you for the service, expertise, and professionalism that you provide to farmers each day to make farmers’ individual businesses succeed.


Here are a few common business titles which would be qualified as AgriSync Advisors:

Precision Ag Specialist

IMS Specialist

Service Technician

Field Agronomist

Certified Crop Consultant


Region or State Specialist

Solutions Specialist

Extension Agent

Data Manager

Account Manager

Territory Manager

Field Marketer


Why did we choose the term Advisor?


With a wide variety of terms that we could call the problem solvers in agriculture, advisor stuck with us because it is an all-purpose term that covers all professionals and experts in the agriculture industry. At AgriSync, we want to emphasize the fact that although technology is important to increase productivity, people are still needed for guidance and support in the customer service process. The definition of advisor means: one who gives advice, typically someone who is an expert in a particular field. AgriSync is the connecting point for farmers and their local trusted advisors in the agriculture industry.


If you are an advisor, how are you working to provide the best expertise throughout your business and for your customers in the most efficient way?