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Using Technology to Reduce Missed Calls & Increase Team Efficiency

Looking for a way to improve your customer experience, increase team efficiency, and decrease missed calls? Look no further. AgriSync can help you manage your calls in the way that best fits your business.

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. Companies that have not embraced a modern call management system are missing out on sales and service opportunities and the ability to wow their customers with instant interactions and quick turnaround to solve their pressing need. In fact, 90% of customers with support questions rate an immediate response (30 minutes or less) as important or very important.

Explore just a few of the ways that AgriSync helps businesses reduce missed calls while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams.

One Phone Number

What number do you tell customers to call when they have an issue? Does it depend on the issue? Make it easier on customers by giving them one number to call when they need help. AgriSync offers VoiceHubTM which uses a single hotline number that connects your customers phone call to your whole team of representatives reducing missed calls and voicemails.

Call Trees

Allow customers to reach the different branches of your business through one support hotline number. For example, if your customer wants to call about ordering a part, they can press 3 (or another number you assign) to connect them directly to the parts department.  

Ring Schedules 

Want the phone to ring to one service rep before another? Set calls to go to your primary advisor first then a second advisor if the first can’t answer.  


Instead of passing around a phone for customers to call for after-hours support, schedule calls to ring only to the person who is on-call that night. If you aren’t already offering after-hours support, you might want to consider it to improve your customer experience.  

Customize Ringtone, Greeting and other Features 

Sick of the same old ringtone? Have an urgent message you want to include in your phone greeting? AgriSync allows you to customize these and other features to make customers feel more comfortable and have a more personalized experience.  

Voicemail Transcription 

Listening to voicemail can be a challenge. Responding is time consuming and sometimes customers are hard to hear or understand. So, instead of just listening to their call multiple times, read a transcription to help get a better understanding in less time.  


Calls are automatically captured as a support ticket. Easily add notes about the interaction and categorize the call with ticket tags. Also, find out your team’s average response time, number of missed calls, and other data to help you evaluate your team’s work. 

Contextual Team Awareness

AgriSync empowers your teams to create and respond to all opportunities with full context. See full customer history with the click of a button or notes specific to their open requests.

Think AgriSync might be a good fit for your business? Schedule a demo today!