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Onboarding Employees: Training the Talent You Hired

By Ag 1 Source | 3 minute read


This is the second blog in a joint AgriSync and Ag 1 Source series regarding attracting, onboarding, and retaining talent.

Employee retention is a challenge for every company and losing the top talent you worked so hard to acquire can be devastating. But what retention strategies really work? Did you know that having a strong onboarding process for your new employees can improve your employee retention by as much as 82%? (Dewar, 2019) With the current low unemployment rate and over-abundance of open positions, it is more important now than ever to have a solid onboarding strategy designed to train and keep new talent..

Starting Off on the Right Foot

The onboarding process should be initiated before your new hire’s start date. Begin your onboarding process immediately after the offer is accepted by setting up a weekly call and keeping in touch during the time between offer acceptance and the start date. The goal is to get your new hire excited about starting the position and give them insight as to what the actual work will look like. Because the first days of onboarding are typically full of HR paperwork, IT setup, and procedural tasks, candidates can lose momentum as what they really crave are the details of the job and what they will be doing.  Working with them ahead of time gets them excited about the actual position and helps maintain momentum throughout the completion of all the procedural items.

The strategy of early communication ensures early wins with your new hire. When clear expectations and short-term goals are set, they will begin their new position with confidence and momentum. According to the Harvard Business Review, 60% of companies do not set short-term goals for their new hires. (Carucci, 2018). This leaves the new hire stranded with no direction and potentially uncomfortable in their new environment. Start with more basic and straightforward goals, allowing your new hire to gain their footing. Then, increase the responsibility of each task to build up to their full role within the organization.

The onboarding process will also help you learn the strengths of your new employee and identify areas for improvement. Set up future meetings to discuss and evaluate their progress along with additional training that focuses on areas of weakness and provides feedback on areas where they are excelling. These meetings show your new employee you are invested in their success, and helps bring them further into the company culture, while building positive relationships within the organization.

Having a well-structured onboarding program needs to cover more than just the first week on the job. Ideally, the plan to help your new employee’s integration is a strategic process lasting throughout the first year of employment. While this may seem like a long time, a longer onboarding process results in higher employee retention. Antithetical to this fact, a negative, or too brief, onboarding process makes employees twice as likely to look for new opportunities elsewhere. (Carucci, 2018)

There is no silver bullet to the perfect onboarding, but companies who having a set plan, regular check-ins with new employees, and a year-long process will reap the benefits of increased productivity and higher employee retention. For more guidance on employee retention and finding top talent for your ag company, contact the experts at Ag 1 Source today.

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Stay tuned for the final blog in this three-part series, Retaining Talent:  Keeping Your New Employees.


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