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Interested in customer service tips and industry best practices? The AgriSync team shares thoughts, tips and lessons learned in agriculture customer service.

Posts about Product Updates:

How Does AgriSync Choose What to Work on Next in our Platform?

Picture of Ian Zimmerman
Ian Zimmerman February 8, 2021
How Does AgriSync Choose What to Work on Next in our Platform?

This is a very basic question that, in my opinion, every customer has the right to know about a company they are working with and invested in. You will see a whole bunch of different articles and methods talking specifically about what a company is working on and when to expect it. This is important, don't get me wrong, but if you're an outside customer looking in at a roadmap there are usually a few different reactions and questions that come up.

The Best of AgriSync in 2020

Picture of Bobby Godbersen
Bobby Godbersen January 15, 2021
The Best of AgriSync in 2020

2020 brought many challenges. One major hurdle to overcome was navigating the shift to remote support in lieu of in-person interaction. As such, our team doubled-down our efforts to provide product enhancements for leveraging AgriSync to manage remote support and communication.