The Farmer-Advisor Relationship: By the Numbers

Posted On 14 October 2016 By Cara Nolting Farmers, Advisors Leave a comment

Those of us in and around production agriculture routinely see and hear about the role advisors play in helping farm operators feed the world.  It’s so routine we don’t usually try to quantify the scope or degree of the advisor impact.  We noticed an interesting summary from Iowa State University that put some specific numbers to it, and we thought we’d pass along the numbers here.

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Who and What is an AgriSync Advisor?

Posted On 06 September 2016 By Cara Nolting Farmers, Advisors Leave a comment

The agriculture industry doesn’t have a rule book or a glossary of terms that we all function by so we thought that we would clear up some terminology that we use at AgriSync on a daily basis.

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Attention Farmers; This One’s For You

Posted On 18 April 2016 By Cara Nolting Farmers Leave a comment

Farmers are the bread and butter of agriculture and we want to ensure your time is well spent getting the most of your large investment in technology, equipment, and other ag inputs. There’s no time for downtime and AgriSync is here to be your on-farm, go-to communication tool when things break on the farm. Our goal is for you to have one touch access to your trusted advisors through a simple...

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AgriSync: Our Ag Tech, Startup Journey Begins Here; Follow Along- We Dare You.

Posted On 05 February 2016 By Melissa Kelly Farmers, Advisors, About Us Leave a comment

There’s something highly attractive about a fresh start, a clean slate, and an open door to successes and achievable dreams. When there’s passion, drive, motivation to solve a problem, and a group of like-minded folks; anything is possible.

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