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Interested in customer service tips and industry best practices? The AgriSync team shares thoughts, tips and lessons learned in agriculture customer service.

Posts about Customer Service:

4 Ways to Create a Customer Centric Culture

Picture of Skylar Bloom
Skylar Bloom March 9, 2021
4 Ways to Create a Customer Centric Culture

That smokey, fresh-off-the-grill scent fills the air as the blade of your knife rips back and forth through the tenderness of a thick, juicy ribeye steak. The hunk of meat separates revealing a light pink center soaked with a deep reddish-brown juice pooling beneath the clean cut. The smell of a perfect mix of salty seasonings tickles your nose as your fork raises up a perfectly bite sized piece... Hungry yet?

Planning Your Customer Service Strategy

Picture of MiK Fox
MiK Fox January 5, 2021
Planning Your Customer Service Strategy

As a new year dawns, now is a great time to take a moment to look back on the previous year to see the lessons we learned through such an interesting year. The highs and the lows of such an unprecedented year taught us the importance of adapting to challenging times. As we begin planning for updates to our customer experience strategy, these lessons will be an invaluable resource.

How and Why Ag Businesses are Centralizing Support

Picture of AgriSync
AgriSync August 6, 2020
How and Why Ag Businesses are Centralizing Support

You’re just about to sit down for supper with your family and your phone rings. It’s not the first time Farmer Joe has called you this week and you have a feeling it's another small matter – no emergency –just something Joe wants to check off his list for the night. You told him he could call you on your personal phone any time and you’d help, but you’re exhausted from taking calls all day, ready to relax and enjoy the delicious-smelling meal on your plate. You think - “do I really need to answer now or can it wait?”