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Interested in customer service tips and industry best practices? The AgriSync team shares thoughts, tips and lessons learned in agriculture customer service.

Posts about Communication:

4 Ways to Create a Customer Centric Culture

Picture of Skylar Bloom
Skylar Bloom March 9, 2021
4 Ways to Create a Customer Centric Culture

That smokey, fresh-off-the-grill scent fills the air as the blade of your knife rips back and forth through the tenderness of a thick, juicy ribeye steak. The hunk of meat separates revealing a light pink center soaked with a deep reddish-brown juice pooling beneath the clean cut. The smell of a perfect mix of salty seasonings tickles your nose as your fork raises up a perfectly bite sized piece... Hungry yet?

How Omnichannel Benefits Ag Businesses

Picture of MiK Fox
MiK Fox February 23, 2021
How Omnichannel Benefits Ag Businesses

A 7-year-old whispers “can you hear me?” into a plastic cup vibrating the string tread through a small hole in the bottom sending the message to their friend on the other end of the line. Count yourself lucky if you remember growing up using contraptions like this to communicate with their friends. In today’s digital world kids simply pick up a cell phone and shoot their friends a text or sends them a snap. The advancement of technology continues to push the consumer to embrace technology to make their lives easier.

What's up with WhatsApp and the Omnichannel Experience?

Picture of Bobby Godbersen
Bobby Godbersen February 9, 2021
What's up with WhatsApp and the Omnichannel Experience?

Picture this, it’s just past day break on a chilly Saturday morning. A fresh layer of crisp, white snow has fallen overnight, and you notice the sun trying to break through the hazy gray winter sky. You’re sipping on your second cup of rich, earthy coffee enjoying the peace and quiet of your midcentury farmhouse kitchen. The tranquil morning won’t last as your two young children will shortly wander down the stairs. Remembering your rambunctious childhood inspires you to reach out to your now elderly, mother and father. How do you contact them? Is your go-to a quick phone call, a simple text, or a more intimate video chat?