Increasing Profitability for Both Customers and Dealerships

Van Wall Equipment, a John Deere dealership that dates back to 1944, is keen on making sure their customer service is still top of the line for every customer. Even though Van Wall has grown into one of the largest John Deere dealerships, they still make sure their services are easily accessible to their customers. Due to Van Wall's large size, they have dealt with several customers and know...

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Expanding While Maintaining High Service Standards

Jenner Ag, a leading provider of application equipment and precision technology, has served the agriculture industries in Illinois for nearly 55 years and recently expanded to include the state of Indiana.

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Service Plan Trends in Precision Agriculture

Posted On 31 January 2018 By Joanna King Advisors Leave a comment

In a roundtable at the Precision Farming Dealer Summit, AgriSync Co-Founder and President Casey Niemann moderated the Packaging, Pricing & Promoting Service Plans roundtable. Precision Farming experts across many locations and specialties including sales, management, and support shared best practices 

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Cory Ritter ensures better product experience with service innovation

Posted On 15 January 2018 By Joanna King Advisors, Customer Stories Leave a comment

Cory Ritter, Sales Support Technician at AMVAC Chemical, aims to give farmer customers the best experience with AMVAC products by using AgriSync to quickly solve issues. With everything that happens during planting season, AMVAC's goal is to have their products be the least of their farmer customers' worries.

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2 Ways to Bring Value in the Off-Season

Posted On 22 December 2017 By Joanna King Advisors Leave a comment

Farmers aren't in the fields, but that doesn't mean you can't bring service value. The off-season is a great time to connect with customers and drive service plan revenues. 

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Opinion: My 5 Most Used Precision Ag Apps of 2017

Posted On 19 December 2017 By Nate Dorsey In the News, Advisors Leave a comment

This article was originally published at by Nate Dorsey, Agronomist at RDO Equipment Co.

Agriculture and the use of digital tools are almost inseparable today. Technology has become much more accessible and data more valuable for decision making. Mobile technology, such as smartphones and apps, have become particularly useful in agriculture.

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Philip Christensen Uses AgriSync to Support Large Territories

Posted On 10 November 2017 By Joanna King Advisors, Customer Stories 1 Comment

Philip Christensen, Precision Ag Specialist at Papé Machinery, is using AgriSync for better time management and more uptime for farmer customers. Christensen covers one of the largest territories in his company, including parts of Nevada, California, and Oregon. With AgriSync, Christensen has successfully solved issues remotely in only five minutes. Before AgriSync, a support call meant 10-12...

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Michael Schmidt Finds Ways to Communicate Faster with Farmer Customers

Posted On 09 November 2017 By Joanna King Advisors, Customer Stories Leave a comment

Michael Schmidt, President of Central Illinois Ag, is always trying to find ways to communicate with farmer customers faster.

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Barry Peterson Discusses Support Strategies with AgriSync

Posted On 07 November 2017 By Joanna King Advisors, Customer Stories Leave a comment

Barry Peterson, Integrated Solutions Manager at Papé Machinery, is implementing a connected support strategy that goes beyond machine connectivity.

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