AgriSync a Startup Story with Mike Colwell

Posted On 10 February 2017 By Cara Nolting In the News, About Us Leave a comment

Each month Mike Colwell from Square One DSM hosts something called Startup Stories where he brings interesting individuals to a gathering at the Greater Des Moines Partnership and allows for his guest to share their business story and the audiance gets to ask questions. This month Casey Niemann the founder of AgriSync is the featured guest. Learn how this startup a mobile application that...

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Meet a Member of our Team: Jerrod Westfahl

Posted On 09 July 2016 By Melissa Kelly About Us Leave a comment

Jerrod Westfahl grew up on a diversified farm in Reno county Kansas. He was actively involved in 4-H and FFA. Throughout his childhood and into adulthood he has enjoyed working with and for agricultural businesses and customers of all kinds. Jerrod attended both Kansas State University and the University of Kansas before taking on his position with AgriSync.

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Meet our Customer Success Intern: Josie Malecek

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Written by Josie Malecek- My experience working for AgriSync as their customer success intern has been phenomenal. Not only have I learned a great deal of knowledge from our team, I have also had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. I have been working on setting up practice ticket sessions, answering help requests, and updating our help tutorial page. All of these have given me a good...

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Partners Matter

Posted On 09 March 2016 By Jerrod Westfahl About Us Leave a comment

PARTNERS MATTER; Written by: Jerrod Westfahl-- Building a great company depends on bringing a lot of the right parts together.  For AgriSync, that includes the right funding partners.  From the outset, we looked for financial backers who understand production agriculture and believe that better collaboration tools will improve farming. The past couple years, many ag tech startups brought...

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AgriSync: Our Ag Tech, Startup Journey Begins Here; Follow Along- We Dare You.

Posted On 05 February 2016 By Melissa Kelly Farmers, Advisors, About Us Leave a comment

There’s something highly attractive about a fresh start, a clean slate, and an open door to successes and achievable dreams. When there’s passion, drive, motivation to solve a problem, and a group of like-minded folks; anything is possible.

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