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The Best of AgriSync in 2020

2020 brought many challenges. One major hurdle to overcome was navigating the shift to remote support in lieu of in-person interaction. As such, our team doubled-down our efforts to provide product enhancements for leveraging AgriSync to manage remote support and communication.

If you've missed our monthly product updates, here's your chance to see the best features we released throughout the year.


Call Management

When teams are distributed or you need a centralized record of customer calls, AgriSync provides a solution. By connecting to your existing phone system, your team can take calls wherever they are working. A phone call is still the top way that growers connect with their trusted advisors. Here are a handful of the biggest improvements we made for call management in 2020.

Importing Contacts

One of our most requested features was to make it easier to import and mange contacts within AgriSync. Advisors can now import contacts from their phone's address book or import them from a CRM and company databased via CSV upload.

Call From VoiceHub

Providing team-based support can help increase efficiencies, but it's also important to have a centralized phone number for inbound and outbound calls. In AgriSync, advisors can place outbound calls through the mobile app that will display their team's hotline number and not their personal cell phone.

Call Management From the Web

Whether you're answering calls from a parts counter or working from home on your computer, the web-based call experience on AgriSync saw several updates. These include displaying contact details such as customer segment, organization, and account number.

Incoming Web Call

We also improved visibility to missed calls and the ability to transfer live-calls on the web.


Remote Support

Video calls became the new norm in 2020. Customers no longer had to wait for their local expert to visit the field – they could get support from the field through a video call. AgriSync's video solution makes it easy for anyone to join a video call via text message. No app download required.

Request Photos & Videos via SMS

Each team in AgriSync has a VoiceHub number that can send and receive text messages. Customers have the option to text in a photo to your team's hotline number. This can help to provide a better view of their issue. Advisors have the ability to send customers a text message link to upload a photo or video of their issue.

request photo video

Tiled Media View

Photos and videos submitted by customers in the field can be seen across your teams of experts, allowing for faster understanding and resolution of customer issues while remote.

Tiled Media View

Team Collaboration

Without the right tools, solving customer issues across multiple colleagues or teams is difficult. Having a centralized view of customer conversations makes it easy to reassign or collaborate on their issues. Prior to the pandemic, organizations had considered shifting to a team-based support system that can help provide a better customer experience and increase their efficiencies in order to get more accomplished.

Ticket WatchersWatchers

There are times when an advisor owns a customer issue but wants to keep others up-to-speed on the ticket activity. Watchers was introduced in 2020 to notify teams or specific individuals based on updated activity within an assigned ticket.

Time Tracking and Customer History

Visibility into previous customer interactions saves time and provides continuity. The Customer History section inside a ticket provides visibility into any previous conversations your team has had with a customer.

Time TrackingCustomer History

Notification Preferences

Within each team's ring schedule, managers can dictate whether individuals who are off-duty will receive notifications when new tickets are created. For large teams, this can be helpful to prevent too many notifications going out when only a few individuals are on-call during after hours.

Silence Notifications - Ring Schedule

Time to First Response

Tracking customer issues is a great starting place, but many teams want to understand how well they're performing. On the tickets page, advisors can view important metrics such as unassigned tickets, open tickets, and time to first response.

Time to First Response

Even More Features from 2020

Our product team released more features than we could mention in a single article. If you're curious about other updates made throughout the year, check out our public change log.