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AgriSync to Showcase Support Hotline for Precision Experts at InfoAg

Visit AgriSync at InfoAg, Booth 134 July 17-19, 2018, Union Station, St. Louis, MO, US.

WAUKEE, IA — AgriSync, a leading collaboration and service management tool for professional ag advisors, will be attending InfoAg to showcase VoiceHub™. This modern service innovation technology allows professional ag advisors to meet their customers where they are in the field with a support hotline. With AgriSync’s VoiceHub™, the latest enhancement to version 2.5 of the AgriSync app, experts will be capable of modernizing the service experience by receiving and solving problems remotely.

 About VoiceHub™

  • Ring your team. Simultaneously ring an entire team and increase customers’ odds at connecting with someone.

  • Free your voicemail. Calls avoid advisors’ personal voicemail; shared voice Tickets are created in a team’s inbox.

  • Say goodbye to late night calls when you're not on-the-clock. Select the start and end times for on and off hours support and specify advisors for each defined schedule.

  • Track your calls and time. Each customer call is registered in AgriSync so advisors can categorize calls and track time on the phone. 

“AgriSync recognizes that with most current systems, service technicians’ phones are always full, leaving customers wondering if their voice call was even received,” Niemann said. When a customer uses AgriSync’s mobile call system, the call is simultaneously sent to a selected team of advisors. If a member of the team is available, they can pick up the call instantly. If they are not, customers have the option to leave a message for the team, which is recorded as a voicemail and text message.  

AgriSync’s mobile call system will then send customers a text confirmation that their message was sent to the team, Niemann said. Through this technology, ag advisors will be equipped with a call center on wheels, which provides the full power of a modern solution at a fraction of the cost.  

The AgriSync update features are built at cloud scale, allowing advisors to work more efficiently in responding to calls. Advisors will also have more control when updating call teams, and reporting and tracking sessions.“ As part of our mission to connect advisors with farmer customers, we want advisors to be able to meet customers wherever they are,” Niemann said. “We started with the broad idea to make collaboration easier between advisors and farmers. Now we’re building on that idea by adding new features that heighten the value advisors can deliver to their farmer customers by solving problems, making decisions and maximizing uptime.

To learn more about VoiceHub™, visit www.agrisync.com/voicehub. If you are at InfoAg and would like to connect, please come by booth 134.


About InfoAg

The InfoAg Conference brings together agriculture professionals from across the globe to discuss and analyze the latest precision agriculture techniques and developments. The event features a wide range of educational and networking opportunities for professionals interested in learning more about the agriculture industry. Since 1995, the InfoAg Conference has been the premier event for discussion and advancement of precision agriculture.

About AgriSync

AgriSync, Inc. makes cloud-based software for mobile collaboration and customer support in agriculture. The company's AgriSync® software is licensed to OEMs and distributors serving farmers, allowing those businesses to easily see, solve, and track support issues and proactively educate their customers in a mobile-first, video-first manner on any device. With AgriSync, experts deliver better service to their farmer customers at a fraction of the cost while helping farmers maximize uptime and accelerate their adoption of essential innovations. Further information is available at www.agrisync.com.