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Save Time & Gain Efficiency with 24/7 Support Powered by AgriSync

"We want to continue to expand at a rate that keeps us efficient. Efficiency is the most important thing to us. We're doing a lot of work with not a lot of people, so uptime is extremely important for us," says Joe Bloome III, President of Hi-Tech Farms, in Christian County, Illinois.Joe Bloome-1

Joe III is a third generation farmer that works alongside his father Joe Jr., grandfather Joe Sr., uncle Clayton, and cousin Jake on Bloome Farms. After graduating from the University of Illinois, Joe III returned to the family's operation and now handles application and technology management.

Changing a fleet from green to red on a third generation family farm is no decision to take lightly.

In December 2016, Bloome Farms decided to switch their fleet to Case IH equipment for more competitive prices and better results in the field. “You’re going to change a lot when you go from green to red, and Central Illinois Ag was introducing AgriSync as a support tool around that time. AgriSync was something we definitely wanted to include in our operation,” Joe III recalls.

One of the primary focuses of the operation is to expand while maintaining efficiency. 

Joe III says, “AgriSync keeps us efficient. We’re not spending time on phone calls, waiting on hold, calling this person, and waiting on that person. With AgriSync, the ability to take a picture, send it off, and let the guys at Central Illinois Ag come up with a solution saves me a ton of time." 

"Most of the time they don’t even have to come out to the farm to fix the issue. They can just send me a picture or a message back with the solution. That means more uptime for me. At the same time, they’re not stuck on the phone with me.”

The largest hurdle when adopting a new technology is adjusting your mindset to consider that technology as a first option.

“The hardest thing about using AgriSync is getting used to doing it. We were so used to calling someone if we had a problem. You have to force yourself to think, ‘I have this technology and it’s so much easier.’ As soon as you get that initial switch in your head, it saves me a lot of time from waiting around. It has to be my instinct to take a picture, send it off on AgriSync, and let the team at Central Illinois Ag figure it out and get it fixed.”

When considering adopting new technologies, it's important to consider how they align with and support the goals of your operation.

“Technology in ag is the most important thing because it allows your operation to expand. AgriSync has really fit in with all of the other technology we have. We’re running iPads in every piece of machinery and every one has AgriSync on it. All the hired men know how to use AgriSync. If they run into an issue, they take a picture, send it to the guys at Central Illinois Ag on AgriSync, and get it solved quicker.” 

Partner with organizations that will be an asset to your team.

The willingness of Central Illinois Ag to introduce new technologies with the best interest of farmer customers in mind has strengthened the relationship with Bloome Farms.

Joe III says, “I spend more time than anyone here talking to the folks at Central Illinois Ag. Over the last year it’s turned into a family. I talk to those guys everyday, even in the off-season.” 

Joe III says, “It’s evolved into so much more than a dealer-farmer relationship. Instead of a customer relationship, we have more of a team mentality. And that’s extremely valuable to have someone you trust with your best interest in mind rather than someone just trying to sell you something,” Joe III encourages.

This article was originally published at Central Illinois Ag