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Using Proactive Communication to Prevent In-Season Chaos

Adam Gittins, General Manager of HTS Ag, discusses service plans and the importance of having an accessible team of ag experts to keep technology running properly. HTS Ag is one of the largest Ag Leader dealers in the US, based in Harlan, Iowa.

"It doesn't matter how good the technology is if you don't understand how to work it."

Adam shares that their goal at HTS Ag is to utilize technology to help farmers be more profitable. However, technology can be complicated and often requires updating.

"It doesn't matter how good the technology is if you don't understand how to work it. So having a trusted advisor that understands the technology and can train you on it and keep it current and up-to-date is the most valuable part of the technology. Our customers over and over again are incredibly thankful that in the 11th hour, we're able to come through and be able to make their technology work in ways that they weren't sure it was going to. Keeping them running when they need to be running is absolutely critical."

Reduce call volume during busy seasons.

Each year, HTS Ag uses AgriSync to reach out to their customers pre-season to ensure their technology is updated and any bugs are fixed before planting begins. Adam's team saw a significant reduction in call volume by spending just a few minutes with customers pre-season.

"We understood early on in our business that one of the biggest challenges we had to face was the amount of systems that are out there to try and get updated every year. If we waited until guys went to the field, we had a flood of calls. And we had guys with systems that just wouldn't work."

Call volume will always be higher during busy seasons, even with proactive pre-season communication. Make sure customers don't get lost in personal voicemail boxes or hear the dreaded "this mailbox is full" recording. With VoiceHub™, AgriSync’s mobile call center, your entire team of advisors is alerted when a customer calls, texts, or submits a ticket in the app. Your team can work together to solve issues remotely, manage support tickets, and get customers back up and running quickly.

Distance doesn't matter with AgriSync.

No matter the distance, HTS Ag's team of experts can meet customers in the field, in the cab, or wherever they are to see exactly what they are seeing on any device. AgriSync's live video capabilities allow advisors to see their customers' issues in real-time, helping them solve issues remotely or be prepared before making that expensive trip to the farm.

"One of the things that's really been beneficial lately is we can get that same customer touch and interaction in-season utilizing the technology in AgriSync. We've got the ability to see what the customer is seeing and have that near face-to-face conversation with them. Whatever distance it is from us to them, it doesn't matter anymore."

Solve issues in 15 minutes, not 3 hours.

Trips to the farm are not only expensive, but also time consuming. With AgriSync, Adam's team was able to solve a calibration issue in fifteen minutes, avoiding an expensive, three hour one-way trip to the farm. By incorporating tools like AgriSync into their customer service toolkit, HTS Ag can solve issues without turning the key in their work truck.

"I had a customer that was approximately three hours away fighting a calibration issue with the steering system.. If we were going to put a technician in a truck and roll them to the job site, it would have taken at least three hours to get someone there. We got the customer [on AgriSync] and could see what they were seeing and had the customer fixed in less than 15 minutes."

Think differently about customer service with AgriSync.

Your team can work together to get issues solved quickly with AgriSync. Whether your customers text, call, or submit a ticket through the app, your team of experts is simultaneously alerted of the issue. All issues are accessible and organized in one place, ensuring no issue is lost in a personal voicemail box. Quick responses mean less downtime for your customers; less downtimes means happier customers; and happier customers means repeat business and great word of mouth marketing.

Get started with your free trial of AgriSync to deliver better service to your customers. Solve issues quickly and help customers get more out of their technology investments.

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