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Pro Tips for Using AgriSync 👊

Whether you have been using AgriSync for a while, or you're just getting started, there are likely features of our service that you haven't seen or used. Check out a few of our best Pro Tips.
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Create a ticket on behalf of your customer
We know there are times when your customer may not use AgriSync to reach out. You can still create a ticket with that customer to track the issue and respond back. 
Add video to any phone call
Transitioning from a phone call to a live video call is easy. Your customer just needs to click the link in a text message. 
Promote text message support
Sometimes all you need is visual validation to identify a customer's issue. Having your customers text in a photo is a great way to provide support. 
Quick actions on the web dashboard
Quickly move a ticket to the top of your dashboard, re-assign it, start a video call, and more with this dropdown. 
The power of call forwarding
Do you have phone numbers that customers are used to calling? Consider forwarding into your VoiceHub number(s)!