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Planning Your Customer Service Strategy

As a new year dawns, now is a great time to take a moment to look back on the previous year to see the lessons we learned through such an interesting year. The highs and the lows of such an unprecedented year taught us the importance of adapting to challenging times. As we begin planning for updates to our customer experience strategy, these lessons will be an invaluable resource.

As we look to the year ahead, now is the time to set new goals as a company. While most companies acknowledge the critical importance of taking care of customers, many don't apply the same level rigor and resources to making improvements to the customer experience year over year.

If customer experience isn't one of your companies key goals for the coming year, now is the time to make a change. A HubSpot Customer Acquisition study found that 93% of customers1 are likely to make repeat purchases with businesses who offer great customer service, meaning if the customer views their experience in a positive manner, they will be returning.

Typical high-level company goals that many places aim for are increasing revenue, finding ways to manage costs and creating ways to retain and develop talented employees. When adding in having to do things differently than they’ve always be done, these goals can seem challenging.

Breaking it down in order to achieve these goals, we can take a look at a few statistics2:

  • In 2019, 14% of brands improved customer experience (CX) quality by fixing problems with existing processes.
  • Throughout 2020, nearly 27% of brands improved CX by fixing the same issues.
  • It is predicted that 25% of brands will achieve signification advances in CX quality in 2021.

This boils down to a few important trends to be aware of in the following years.

Remote Support is here to stay

Virtual support is no longer new to consumers – it is the new normal. Consumers are realizing that remote support may not be as intimidating as they had once thought. Take us for example - customers do not have to download the AgriSync app or in other words, an extra tool, in order to utilize our services from a producer standpoint.

According to an MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy study, companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable3 than their peers. This can allow for a significant cost savings which ties back to your company goals by managing costs which can increase revenue.

Adopting an omnichannel communication approach.

Thinking about where the majority of your customers spend their time or how they prefer to communicate has proven to be beneficial for companies. An Epsilon research found that 80% of customers4 are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences, more specifically, meeting customers where they are. Focusing on tools where you not only interact with your customers but where your employees can connect with customers through multiple channels will be a key component for achieving your goals in the coming year.

15 years ago, consumers typically used two touch-points when making a purchase. Today, consumers use an average of six touch-points5. As a company, AgriSync has adopted an omnichannel communication approach and is able to meet customers via their most comfortable form of communication. We are able to help you connect with customers through text, video, WhatsApp, and team phone support. The numerous ways that we can help you connect with customers, can help set you up to get ahead of the trend and be prepared for other forms of communication in the future.

Thanks to a pandemic, those other forms of communication and support may be closer than we realize. Shifting from office environments to working from home has created a push for a centralized support system that continues to grow. While this growth is good, expectations for customer service have only increased.

According to a 2017 Microsoft Report, 54% of consumers6 around the world say they have a higher customer service expectation than they did the previous year. Having the ability to increase visibility of customer issues across teams is a good way to help meet that expectation and will reduce the amount of re-work done each day. Utilizing a centralized support system like AgriSync can help you on both fronts.

Unlocking the power of data

This is a critical component that will help you align resources, teams, and enhance your overall customer experience. Businesses are able to leverage customer insights through capturing interaction data, segmenting customers and understanding their behavior.

A CMO Survey found that 62% of marketing leaders7 said use of online customer data at their firms increased in the last two years, and 70% said they expect to use more online data in the next two years. Being able to use data and have the ability to predict analytics can help retailers increase their margins and thus meet their goals.

Through AgriSync, data for customer insights are documented including ticket details, images, time to resolution and more. This information can help turn customer interactions into valuable data to help drive decisions around the customer experience.

With a new year here, we look forward to helping you grow. Feel free to reach out with any questions, or to schedule a personalized demo.



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