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Personalizing Team User Access

Setting up Managers, Advisors, and Dashboard Users 

One of the most important parts of getting AgriSync off the ground is to establish the members of your organization that help support your customers. As an Admin of AgriSync in your organization, think about all teammates that impact customer happiness — these are the teammates you will want to set up as users. Begin your access management program by predefining all of your employees’ roles and responsibilities, and then determining their appropriate access levels to the account.  


Defining Your Users 

As an Admin, you will see AgriSync has three different access levels for account users within your organization, so you’ll need to determine the level of access each person should have.  

Manager access level will give your employees full account access. They can add users, contacts, ticket tags, change VoiceHub settings, send Broadcasts and see all the tickets from each team in your account. You will want at least one Manager assigned to each team added to the account, but you’ll also want to limit the number of Managers so that important settings are not accidentally changed.   

Advisor access level is restricted to employees working on tickets from the teams they are assigned to. These Advisors can see all the tickets in the team they are a member in. They have access to Team Stream to chat with other advisors on your team. Advisors have no access to the VoiceHub settings to change ring schedules. Most AgriSync users will be assigned as Advisors. 

Dashboard Users are restricted to only visualizing the tickets page. These users can click to visualize the inside of tickets, but cannot make changes or leave private notes. This access is useful for users who just want a 150-foot view of what is happening at the company on a customer/employee level, but do not plan to provide any support.   


Setting Up Your Users 

Once you have defined users, adding them can be done from the Manage Tab if you are an Admin or a Manager. Invite an Advisor in the top left corner of the screen, and check the Manager box if you would like the Advisor to have Manager-level access. Once you have invited an Advisor, they will receive a text message and email inviting them to your account. Have them click on the link and choose sign in. They do not need to set up a user account, because you have already done it for them. Pro tip: We highly recommend users accept both the text and email invitations so that they can sign into AgriSync from either their mobile number or email.  

Dashboard Users can only be added by the Admin of an account, in the Admin tab. 

MicrosoftTeams-image (17)

If an Advisor needs additional access, an Admin or Manager can vet the request and make the change. All changes to an existing advisor status or team are done from the Manage Tab with the following steps:  

  • To change Advisor status to Manager status, click on Advisors View. Find the advisor you would like to change and edit their status by clicking the button in the “Action” column. This pops up the drop-down under the role that will allow you to select and then update that status 
  • To add or remove an existing Advisor to a team, you will need to click on Teams View, and open the team you need to edit. This will open the Teams Settings tab, where you can select an Advisor to add to your team.  

Where employees fit is up to their Managers. Changes can be made constantly until you find the right access for employees in your account, but a little bit of upfront planning can go a long way in getting off to a great start using AgriSync.