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Partners Matter


Building a great company depends on bringing a lot of the right parts together.  For AgriSync, that includes the right funding partners.  From the outset, we looked for financial backers who understand production agriculture and believe that better collaboration tools will improve farming. The past couple years, many ag tech startups brought experienced angel investors on board but few found backers with hard-core ag understanding.

We are thrilled to be one of the few. As reported earlier this year, we now have investment capital from a handful of partners. They include a large diversified farming operation and several organizations who serve producers every day. In other words, they are committed to a better future for agriculture and are investing in us to help make that future a reality.

Our initial plans for establishing and growing AgriSync will turn out to be partly right and partly not. There will be bumps in the road and things won’t be perfect every day. In both good and challenging times, we know our investors will be there with us, and their coaching and support will be extra valuable because it is framed by the wisdom that comes only from experience on the front lines of our great industry.