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November 2021 Product Updates

Product Updates is our monthly post on new features and product improvements to keep you up to date.
Mobile Tickets Dashboard Interface

Our tickets dashboard on mobile has been updated to improve the user interface. Use the new dropdown to sort tickets by your tickets, team tickets, tickets you're watching or all tickets. You can also further filter by status, tags, teams and whether the ticket has been archived.

All About Attachments

We've made exciting updates to attachments on both the web dashboard and mobile. These changes make for a better experience when sharing attachments.

Drag & Drop Available on Web Dashboard:


Attach Multiple Attachments At One Time On Mobile:

Additional Details in Insights Dashboard
There have been several updates to the Insights Dashboard, including:

  • Hovers over many key stats to see an extra layer of detail
  • A new pie chart to break down calls not answered, with a hover highlighting days and times of the week to identify potential holes in customer support coverage
  • A new call tree options visual that displays how many options were used, with a hover displaying the most popular call tree options
These updates allow you to dive deeper into your metrics and identify opportunities for improved customer service.

HubSpot Video



Other Notable Features

While these features are shiny and new, we were also able to update a few other things that you may find helpful:

  • Mobile Navigation Combined  Mobile users will see that contacts and directory tabs are now combined, allowing more ease of navigation to see contacts in one space.
  • Web Diagnostic Tool Available  If you're experiencing problems interfering with our platform, check out our new diagnostic tool to understand potential issues.
  • Custom Tags Increased  If you're an avid user of custom ticket tags, you'll be happy to hear that we've increased our limit from 50 ticket tags to 70. 

Stay updated with new features as they become available by following our Changelog. Help us identify the next features or improvements to the AgriSync platform by upvoting or posting your feedback on our Feature Request Board. As always, you can reach our entire team when you text, call, or email our help@agrisync.com our support number.