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Michael Schmidt Finds Ways to Communicate Faster with Customers

Central Illinois Ag gives customers access to all of their service team solve issues faster.

Michael Schmidt, President of Central Illinois Ag, is always trying to find ways to communicate with customers faster.

Central Illinois Ag is using AgriSync as a remote support tool to give customers access to all of their service team so they can answer questions and solve issues instantly. 

Communicate faster without putting customers on hold.

"We always try to figure out a way to communicate faster to our customers. So now if they have a problem -- Casey and I are both standing here holding our phones with the AgriSync app open -- they can literally send a photo, a message, a live message. They can share screens and we can share that. If they go to our service team, they are going to get the service department from all of our locations and a handful of service techs and other people like myself. So that way, if we've seen it, we can solve that issue instantly, so they don't have to wait on hold." 

Give customers more uptime.

"We had the owner of the operation who was not in the field, was not in the tractor. He had a hired man that he had out running the planter that day. The hired man had actually shut the tractor off and had not gone ahead and shut the planter down correctly. Of course he gets back in the cab and nothing works properly, lots of error messages on the screen, hydraulics wouldn't work, and in about two seconds the customer took to his AgriSync app, put it out there, about four of us responded to him in about thirty seconds and in another thirty second period he said, 'Yep, got it fixed, up and running.' I was sold on it at that point, we started giving it to other clients to use, to try, and we've had nothing but good success with it."

AgriSync isn't another complicated technology, it's easy to use.

"It's an easy app to use, you don't have to have a username and a password. It's your phone number and a code they send you. So in a matter of a minute or less, you can be set up using AgriSync. It's very intuitive and we're excited to use it this fall."

Work more efficiently with AgriSync.

Get started with your free trial of AgriSync to see why agriculture experts rely on AgriSync to better manage their time and spend more time solving issues instead of driving from farm to farm only to push a single button.

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