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May Product Updates: Web UI Improvements, Request a Photo/Video via SMS, & More

Product Updates is our monthly post on new features and product improvements to keep you up to date.


Ticket details design update

We've updated the design of the ticket details page on the web dashboard to provide an easier way to edit and view ticket details.


Request photo/video via text message

We've introduced an easy way to request for a photo or video to be submitted from a customer via text message. Simply click the Request Photo/Video button on the web or mobile app and the customer will receive a text message with a link to upload media to be added to the support ticket. Learn more
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Notifications based on ring schedule

Each team in your account may have different needs & preferences when Advisors get notified of new or unassigned tickets in AgriSync. The Silence Notifications toggle on a team's Ring Schedule allows Managers in your account to determine this preference at the team-level for all Advisors on that team. Lear more
Silence Notifications - Ring Schedule

Updated UI for ticket tags on the web dashboard

We've updated the design of the ticket tag drop-down inside the ticket details so you can easily find the ticket tag or sub-tag you're looking for.

Manual time tracking

You can now manually enter the amount of time you spent solving an issue within the Timer section of the mobile app. This same feature is coming to the web dashboard soon.

Expandable chat box in tickets

Longer messages can now be displayed without having to scroll from side to side. Simply drag down the chat box window to expand and see the entire message.

Expandable Chat

Search by segment

We've updated the search functionality for Segments within the Contacts section of the web dashboard. We've also increased the number of segments you can dd to your account.
Segment Search Update