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Marketing Your New VoiceHub Number

Using an innovative support hotline such as VoiceHub with your customers is powerful. AgriSync can help differentiate you from your competitors and solve the customer’s core challenges with exceptional customer service. But even after you’ve found the solution, one large hurdle remains — getting customer buy-in. Ultimately, customers have to accept your changes, so we wanted to share a few easy strategies that can help achieve buy-in from your customers. 

Most of your customers have your employees’ personal cell phone numbers to get immediate answers for their problems. This has put added pressure on the employee to answer calls after-hours or while on vacation to keep customers happy.  

Strategy 1. Stop Using Your Cell  

To train customers of the new support line, all employees should stop answering their cell phones, instead send an auto text response or let them go to voicemail. Employees should change their voicemail to include the new support number, this will prompt customers to call the number for assistance. 

Auto Text Response Example: Sorry I am unavailable right now, please call our support line at (XXX) XXX-XXXX for immediate assistance.
Voicemail Example: Hi, you’ve reached [you name] of [your business]. I’m sorry that I’m not available to answer your call at the present time. If you need immediate assistance, please call our support line at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

This is a change for your team, too, so encourage them to understand that ultimately this will help spread the load across the team and still provide excellent service.  

Strategy 2. Start Sharing From Within AgriSync 

Another great way to get your phone number into a customer’s phone is using AgriSync itself. Send a Broadcast to customers letting them know your plan for customer service using the tool, so it shows up as a text message on the customers’ phone from your VoiceHub number. With Broadcasts, your teams will be able to engage many customers in the time it would typically take for one phone call. Direct your customers to text you with questions when possible. It will allow your team to serve more customers better each day. Additionally, when interacting with customers through AgriSync, make sure to hit the “Call from VoiceHub number” button on the call screen. This will also help them see your number, and at the end of the call, you can encourage them to store the VoiceHub hotline number. 

Strategy 3. Spread the Word 

Take a walk in your customers’ shoes and imagine all the marketing channels they use to interact with your brand. They may browse your website, peruse your social media profiles, links within an email signature, read your email newsletter, or grab your business card. These are all great places to market your new VoiceHub number, so be sure to check out our Marketing Toolkit for more suggestions. We strongly suggest ordering stickers or window clings with your teams’ VoiceHub phone numbers to hand out to customers. These can be placed in your store, in the customer's cab, or anywhere they would look to find the support number. Go ahead and add your teams’ unique QR code to these stickers and window clings, a quick scan of the code and you are a saved contact in their phone. 


In short, these few tips can help make your customers embrace your new support lines as your company increases customer service, captures lost sales, builds brand loyalty, and grows your business. Before you can reap all the rewards, the first step is to market your new support phone numbers.