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March Product Updates: Ticket Filters, Import Segments, & More

Product Updates is our monthly post on new features and product improvements to keep you up to date.


Ticket Count Buttons

We've updated the top of your Tickets page to show you accurate ticket counts for Open or Unassigned tickets. Additionally, you can click on those buttons to quickly show you any open tickets.

Ticket Filters

You can now filter tickets by Ticket Tags, Advisors, and Teams. These filters give you new ways to easily find the tickets you're looking for. You can also filter based on ticket type via the icons column on the far left.

We also now remember any filters you have on the tickets page. If you filter your tickets and click into one, we'll remember that filtered view when you back out of that ticket.


All Tickets View

Managers rejoice! You can once again view All Tickets for your organization in addition to My Tickets and Team Tickets.

Block Unwanted Calls

SPAM calls happen. Now they'll happen less. Managers can block individual numbers or block entire area codes from calling your VoiceHub number. This is all accessible in the Teams section on your Manage tab of the web dashboard.

Import Contact Segments

With the launch of AgriSync 3.0, you could import your customers or colleagues in as Contacts in AgriSync. Within your Contacts page you could create Segments to help categorize and group contacts together. We've now made creating Segments even easier by allowing you to bulk upload Segments via a spreadsheet instead of manually adding them one at a time.

Remove Default Ticket Tags

If your organization doesn't utilize the default ticket tags, simply email help@agrisync.com and request that we remove those from your company's account.

Customize Color Theme

Account Admins now have the ability to customize the color theme for their entire organization. From the Admin tab, you can choose from multiple color themes that will update for everyone who uses the web dashboard.

Change Color Theme

Edit Ticket Details on Mobile

We've improved the mobile app experience by allowing users to easily edit ticket details such as the Issue Summary, Resolution, Product and much more. Simply tap Edit Details at the bottom of the Details tab within a ticket to update those fields.


Additional Mobile Updates

Time-tracking for phone and video calls has moved in addition to Customer Ticket History. Both are now accessible towards the top of the ticket details tab making it easier to see the call time spent on a ticket as well as previous tickets with that customer.

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