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6 Simple Steps to Manage the Chaos of Harvest

Agriculture experts rely on AgriSync to offer better, faster support to their farmer customers every day, especially during peak seasons like harvest.

Before your phone starts ringing off the hook, here's a quick checklist to help you manage the chaos of harvest:

1. Update your app.

Update your AgriSync app so you have access to the latest features and fastest speeds. Update at the App Store or Google Play.

2. Enable your VoiceHub™ Hotline.

VoiceHub™ is your call center on wheels so your customers can quickly access your support team without getting lost in voicemail. 

3. Bulk text farmers your VoiceHub™ number.

Is your personal cell phone the life line to all things support in your company? Make sure customers have your support hotline number and aren't calling technicians' personal cell phones so issues don't get lost in the chaos. Bulk share your VoiceHub™ number to all of your customers so they can quickly access your support team. Follow these instruction to order stickers you can hand out to customers with your VoiceHub number. 

4. Broadcast a proactive harvest tip.

Create a simple broadcast message and share a pro-active tip like calibrating a yield monitor. Record or upload a one-minute video, select the audience, and send. No more getting buried in email inboxes or social media posts. We text alert your farmers or internal team, keeping you top of mind as a trusted advisor.

5. Add video to your next phone call.

You can bring any customer into a live video session straight from a phone call without hanging up. Farmers don't have to download the app, they simply join from a text message.

6. Set up a 30 minute team training webinar.

Email help@agrisync.com or grab a time here to schedule a 30 minute training webinar for your support team. We'll discuss the latest features and best practices for a successful harvest.


Get started with your free trial of AgriSync before harvest so you can spend more time with your family in the football stands cheering on your team on Friday night and less time driving out to your farmer customers only to push a single button.