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Major AgriSync Update Aims to Extend Ag Experts’ Power and Effectiveness

WAUKEE, IA – AgriSync announced a major update to its leading collaboration and service management tool for professional ag advisors and their farmer customers. The update delivers customers’ most-requested features and further enables ag experts and their organizations to affordably deliver world-class support. With AgriSync, experts can see, solve and track customer problems remotely with any smartphone and effectively coordinate their team’s support efforts, no matter how complex.

“The advisors and farmers using AgriSync gave us great feedback about ways to increase their efficiency and ultimately make their problem-solving and organizing efforts a little easier,” says Casey Niemann, AgriSync President. “We listened. This update helps experts deliver the next level of service, support and solutions. It offers problem solvers, their teams, and their broader organizations various ways to tap into the fundamental power of AgriSync.”

New features for advisors include:

  • Get the whole picture: Track, tag and report all customer support activity, not just AgriSync video support sessions
  • Accelerate resolution: Easily reassign help requests to the right expert on your team
  • Present your teams to your customers: Organize your AgriSync advisors based on region, product expertise or function, and allow help requests to be made to the team as a whole before further assigning
  • Easily broadcast key messages to all your customers: Advisors can offer pro-active support by recording and sending a one-minute video update to all your AgriSync contacts at once
  • Start helping faster: Simpler invitations and sign-ups for customers to connect with you in AgriSync

New farmer features:

  • 1-minute wisdom: Get easy video updates from your trusted advisor on an issue or topic you need to know
  • Ask a team or an individual: Request help from individual experts or from their department or team

“We’re thrilled to bring AgriSync’s value to the human element of agriculture,” says Niemann. “We started with the broad idea to make collaboration easier between advisors and farmers. Now we’re building on that idea by adding new features that heighten the value advisors can deliver to their farmer customers by solving problems, making decisions and maximizing uptime.”

The AgriSync update includes new features and additional functionality for both remote support app and full-service web dashboard for advisors. Advisors will have more control when help tickets come, including assigning the request to the appropriate team (based on location or specialty) and quickly finding the right team member for the job. Also, reporting and tracking of support sessions is now easier with customizable tagging, and export capabilities filtered by customer, ticket tag or team.

To view the updated app and see additional features, visit agrisync.com/advisors

AgriSync is the first remote support app for agriculture. It helps subject matter experts provide better service to their farmer customers when breakdowns occur or decisions need to be made. AgriSync’s live video capability helps advisors see exactly what the farmer sees, bringing speed to resolution. AgriSync also helps advisors stay organized, track their time and manage their help requests through a ticketing system and obtain instant feedback from customers about the quality of service they received.

About AgriSync

AgriSync is a privately held company founded in 2014 with the mission to help farmers and the people they rely on connect more efficiently to make farming less complicated and more productive. The AgriSync service maximizes the use of technology for farmers and lowers the cost of quality service delivery for advisors. For more information, visit www.agrisync.com.