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June Product Updates: View Missed Calls, Manual Time Entry, Tickets Page Update and More

Product Updates is our monthly post on new features and product improvements to keep you up to date.


Tickets page update

We've updated the design of the ticket page with a focus managing support tickets. You can now view 10, 25, 30, or 100 support tickets at a time. Additionally, Advisors can now access Team Stream as a collapsable view on the right of each page.



Add, delete, or edit manual time entries

If you need to track time on a service or support issue that took place outside of a tracked call, you can do so via the Time Tracking section of a ticket. From here, you can add, edit, or delete a manual entry.
Manual Time Entry-Web

View missed calls

This was one of our topped voted on feature requests and we're excited to release it this week. Advisors can now view any missed calls in the Calls Tab on the web dashboard. If there was an issue with that particular call that caused you to miss it, you can click on the bug icon to describe the issue you experienced. In an upcoming release we'll also be adding all calls to this tab so you can view and download reports of your entire call history.  

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Web-only phone calls

Team members now have the option to only receive phone calls on their web dashboard. To do this, simply go to your User Profile, and select which devices you'd like to receive phone calls on. Choose between your mobile phone, desk phone, or web dashboard.

Screenshot 2020-07-06 08.21.37


Default chat settings

For Advisors who are primarily adding private notes to support tickets, you can now set your default chat type to private.

Upload attachments as a private note

You now have the option to upload ticket attachments as a public or private note in both the web and mobile apps.

Tiled media view in tickets

Any tickets that contain multiple media files can now be easily advanced between without having to click out of the ticket.