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January 2021 Product Updates

Product Updates is our monthly post on new features and product improvements to keep you up to date.

WhatsApp Integration

As the most popular messaging application in the world, WhatsApp has been integrated to help you reach your customers easier. The integration allows customers to reach out via WhatsApp to chat with your team.


Broadcast Redesign

While only Managers are able to send bulk messages to customers, all Advisors have the ability to create drafts. Whether on mobile or web a Broadcast can be sent out to customers. Today it looks a bit different than it did previously.


What's on Deck?

While a redesign of the broadcast tab and the WhatsApp integration were no small feat to update and integrate, we were also able to update a few other things that you may find helpful:

  • Voicemails now have text transcriptions.
  • A Watchers column has now been added for all Advisors.
  • Expanded existing country support to Israel, South Africa and Brazil.


Stay updated with new features as they become available by following our Changelog. Have something you want to see added or integrated?

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