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Get Issues to the Right People Quickly

When a customer breaks down in the field during planting season, they want help right away. What they don’t want is to be sent to your personal voicemail or put on hold, only to be told that you’re on another service call and will get back to them in a few hours. Issues in the field result in high-stress and low productivity, especially in a time sensitive industry that is often at the mercy of the weather. Slow response times and lack of urgency makes for a bad customer service experience.

alert-team-of-advisors-text-mediaA team-based approach to customer service helps eliminate this downtime and gives customers a positive experience. Central Illinois Ag is using AgriSync to make their teams easily accessible to customers. With the click of a button, their customers can connect with the parts, service, or AFS support team – no downtime here.


"I sold a corn head this fall. About an hour and a half from home, we did a demo and the customer bought it. The hired man and the dad were actually driving the combine and the auger cart. The son and I were staying on the end row and we were talking about what kind of wear parts he might want to have. I said, 'Well, here, get your phone out and go to AgriSync.' And so he downloaded the AgriSync app, logged him into CIA, and I said, 'Just send an AgriSync to the parts guy. They'll put together your box of parts and then they'll send them to the store that's closest to you.'

He sent me a text later that day and said, 'Oh my gosh, your parts guys are great! They're going to have my parts in Farmer City in the morning for me.'

It wasn't an emergency, it was just a spare parts thing so he'd have some stuff on hand. We've used it for that, we use it for the technology stuff. If somebody sees a problem, they can get it out to the whole group quicker."

Share the workload to solve issues quickly.

With AgriSync, your team can work together to get issues solved quickly. Whether your customers text, call, or submit a ticket through the app, your team of experts is simultaneously alerted of the issue. All issues are accessible and organized within the AgriSync app, ensuring no issue is lost in a personal voicemail box. A quick response means less downtime for your customers; less downtimes means happier customers; and happier customers means repeat business and great word of mouth marketing.

Get started with your free trial of AgriSync to deliver better service to your customers. Solve issues quickly and help customers get more out of their technology investments.

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