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Your customers prefer to text? AgriSync is here to help.


With so many farmers relying on mobile phones and texting to do business, we've been thinking a lot about how to simplify while still helping them accomplish more without another app. That prompted us to make some pretty significant changes to our product, specifically that your customers don't have to have the app!

That's right. Your customers can now connect with your team of experts for live video sessions or open tickets for new issues all from a text message, no app required. 

Your customers prefer text to other communication methods.

Five years ago, we saw the number of farmers using smartphones quickly tick up. According to AgWeb, 87% of farmers were expected to have smartphones in 2016. 

Then we saw a boom in the number of app-based agriculture companies. This Successful Farming article tells the story of a farmer with over 30 apps to manage farm operations. That's at least three pages of apps on an iPhone! 

And today, farmers want more options to communicate through their smartphones. For the majority of farmers, that means text.

Make it easy for customers to connect with your team.

Reduce the friction of helping customers connect on their first AgriSync session with text to connect, no app required. When your customers need help, that's not the best time to ask them to download a new app and teach them how to use it. All they want in that moment is their issue solved quickly.

Customers can simply click a link in a text message to connect through a mobile browser. You'll still be able to automatically track your time, control camera views, capture screenshots, and more. After the session, your customers will be prompted to download the app for one click access to your team of ag experts.

How it Works

  1. From the AgriSync App, tap on the Invite icon at the top right.

  2. Enter the customer's mobile number and tap "Connect Now."

  3. The customer will receive a text inviting them to join a live session. They simply click the link to join.

  4. Wait a moment for the customer to join the live session. They will have to Allow microphone and camera permissions before joining the call.

  5. A live video session will begin.

Through a simple text, a customer can alert your team of experts.

In today's connected world, your customers want options to communicate on the platforms they prefer, and still know they are top of mind. Your customers can now call your VoiceHub line, submit tickets through the app, or text in an issue to quickly reach the experts on your team. No matter how customers create tickets, your entire team of experts will be alerted. Your customers receive a text verifying their issue was received. All issues, no matter how they originate, stay organized and easily accessible by your entire team from within AgriSync.

How it Works

  1. Your customers text their issue to your VoiceHub number.

  2. Your team of experts is alerted of an open issue.

  3. Assign a team member to own the issue.


Learn more about how AgriSync is making service simple for your customers and internal teams.

Register for the webinar to see how you can use AgriSync to reduce friction between your team and your customers when delivering service.

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