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Help Us Help You Via Feedback on Our Changelog

Software is an ever-changing environment, offering endless opportunities for improvement. AgriSync strives to be the forerunner in customer service management using our platform. We know you want to deal with the most modern systems in this age of high technology, so AgriSync’s goal is to continue to be the most updated platform available, while constantly outdating the competition. 

Crashes, problems, bugs, and other bits and pieces are fixed when AgriSync creates an updated version of the platform. Every piece of software developed by our team has the potential for inherent flaws or room for improvements. As AgriSync discovers these bugs, makes feature enhancements to the platform, or addresses compatibility issues, we release updates. Our schedule to release these enhancements happens every two weeks. Updating your software when releases happen ensures you’re running the most current version. 

Stay up to date on the bug fixes and newest feature releases by visiting our Changelog. Every other Wednesday, we update the Changelog with any major and minor changes to the software. We have descriptions and videos on how the features and enhancements work. You can also subscribe to our blog to make sure you see the updates, too. 

It’s a lot of work to discover these bugs and set the roadmap for new feature releases. Help us help you by providing ideas for new features and discovering bugs. You are the experts of the AgriSync platform, and by using the web dashboard and app every day, you become one of the most valuable members of our team. Take a few moments and visit our Feedback page. We want and need your suggestions as we create an ever-changing software platform that is based on your feedback. Take time to add suggestions, and vote on the features you see and would like implemented. Our ever-changing roadmap is a direct reflection of the feedback page (and you can check out more information on how we set that roadmap from our Product Manager Ian in his blog post). Be a valuable contributor to AgriSync, the premier customer service platform, and give us the suggestions you want, need and demand to make your company strive.