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2021 Mid-Year Product Update

Product Updates is our monthly post on new features and product improvements to keep you up to date.

Beta Program

We have several new features under development and are looking for customers to test as a part of our Beta Program. If your company is interested in testing out new parts of the AgriSync service for a limited time, apply to our Beta Program today.

beta program


Call Tab Contact Slide Out

Within the Calls Tab you now have the ability to click on the contact name and a slide out will appear including all contact details and past ticket history.



New Create Teams Process

We have revamped the Create Teams process. Allowing managers to create teams, choose their own avatar, determine a phone number and designate advisors in a streamlined step by step process.

New Create Team


Increased Greetings Message Time

The time for the Greetings Message has been increased to 30 seconds.

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 2.54.29 PM

Session Type in Job Code Report
When job codes are pulled for reports, the session type is now displayed. Managers can now see the difference between:
  • Inbound Call
  • Outbound Call
  • Video Call
  • Manual Session
Time to First Response

A metric in both reports and Insights now displays the Time to First Response - Time from ticket creation to first response from advisor. This is visible inside of every ticket, as well as in a column on the ticket report. Managers can now pull spreadsheets and compare time to first response.

Create Ticket For All Calls

Admins and Managers now have the option to create tickets for all calls. This can be found under the VocieHub Settings for each team. 

Create Ticket for all calls

Keypad on Web Calls

Advisors are now able to dial extension from the web dashboard.

Keypad Option

Sorting Contacts Page Alphabetically

In the web dashboard, users can now sort Contacts alphabetically. Within the Contacts page, clicking on "Name" above the list of contacts resorts the list in alphabetical order.

Sorting Contacts Alphabetically

User Profile Settings

AgriSync Advisors can now add a delay before dialing their desk phone extension. This may be necessary based on your phone system settings. Access this setting in your User Profile.

Add a delay before dialing your desk phone


Other Notable Features

While these features are shiny and new, we were also able to update a few other things that you may find helpful:

  • We've removed the need to click the ticket filter in order to search or filter your ticket list view. You can now search for tickets right away on the web dashboard.
  • You can now increase the ring time for each of your VoiceHub numbers up to 2 minutes. If answering calls on your mobile phone, you'll be limited to the ring time based on your respective wireless provider.
  • If you're wanting to send a broadcast to specific individuals, you can now easily search for those recipients via the mobile app.


Stay updated with new features as they become available by following our Changelog. Have something you want to see added or integrated?

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