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Building a Positive Work Culture Using Team Stream

As your company implements AgriSync as a customer service tool, your advisors are given different ways to connect with customers. Deciding on the best form of communication for different work scenarios may be difficult, but when it comes to talking to teammates, the Team Stream feature within AgriSync is the way to go. 

Team messaging differs greatly from talking to your friends or customers. The topics, tone, functions, and purposes are all different. As remote work increases, the need for team messaging increases with it. This article will provide you the advantages of using Team Stream within AgriSync to help your teams work through the challenges of customer support together.  

Team Stream helps build trust with new Advisors on your team. We all have customers who need different levels of support, and new advisors are bound to have questions as they start advising customers. Using Team Stream fosters trust with all advisors; some may serve as a role model, while others are trained to the ins and outs of customer service.

Creating these open dialogs in Team Stream will create clarity and direction across the whole team. Listening carefully and offering quality feedback in writing to the group helps the whole team eliminate conflicts and confusion. This will foster mutual respect across your advisors.  

Team Stream will increase team engagement and promote team building. Advisors will be left more confident in their ability to provide support and in their understanding of what they need to do, which ultimately leads to better engagement with customers. By prioritizing effective team communication, you can increase engagement of AgriSync, and thus boost customer satisfaction. Team Stream will help you stay within your workflow in AgriSync to get the answers you need without breaking a stride in customer support. Sharing advice and providing feedback with the rest of your team has become easier with one central place to share these thoughts. Using Team Stream’s improved communication, team advisors will be better able to rely on each other, leaving behind the days of one advisor feeling as though they must carry the entire group. This improved communication will encourage advisors to make decisions faster, creating improved morale and positive work experiences.

AgriSync’s feature of Team Stream messaging brings together Advisors and Teams, in one place, to work on an issue together, even if geographically they are spread across different locations.