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Take Calls with Confidence

VoiceHub™ now gives you more information before you connect live with customers. 

We've heard that VoiceHub™ is improving the way you tackle customer support. You're answering more customer calls, protecting your personal voicemail, and sharing the workload across your team. We've also been listening to your suggestions to make VoiceHub™ even better. Our latest update gives you access to more information; helping you be prepared before answering a customer call.

Dec 2018 Update - VoiceHub now gives you more information before you connect live with customers.

Know Who's Calling 

No one likes to go into a call blindsided. When a customer calls your team's hotline, we'll make sure you know it's a VoiceHub™ call by displaying your team's name on the calling screen. If the incoming caller's name is saved in AgriSync, we'll also send you a push notification with their Caller ID. Keep your personable approach by recognizing who is calling before answering. 











Voicemail Transcription 

We know there are times when you just can't put your phone up to your ear. Maybe you're out on another customer call, or at dinner with your family, and you see a new notification. When a customer leaves a message for your team of experts, AgriSync will automatically create a new ticket and send your advisors a push notification. We'll also convert that voice message to searchable text so you can quickly read the message before listening.

Call Back from your VoiceHub™ Number

We've made it easy for customers to call your team's hotline, but did you know you can call your customers back from that same number? Just one more way take your personal phone number out of the equation. This feature is available on both the web and mobile apps. Watch the video below for how this works.


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