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Planning Your Customer Service Strategy in 2020

AgriSync_Blog_Customer-Service-Strategy-Banner Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

You work hard to support your customers.  This year, it's time to work smart.

In conjunction with our partners at Precision Farming Dealer, AgriSync is presenting a 6-part limited series focused on helping you plan for your 2020 customer support strategy.  During the podcasts, we will interview industry and topic experts to discuss different elements of customer support and how they can be leveraged to help you build your customer service strategy.  This will provide you the insights and ideas on how to elevate your customer support strategy to use it as a differentiator and to become more planned, effective, and profitable.

New segments will be added below as new podcasts are released.


AgriSync_Customer-Service-Strategy-Jeff-Bownman-Podcast-Screenshot-1Episode #1 - Creating the Customer Experience

In this segment, we explore the concept of creating and implementing the customer experience with Titan Machinery's Chief Experience Officer, Jeff Bowman.  Starting with an overview of the customer experience, we look at its different components, how it has evolved, meeting customer expectations, and how to coordinate and implement your strategy.  Listen to the podcast here.

AgriSync_Video_Customer-Experience-Britta-Screenshot-SquareEnhancing the Customer Experience with AgriSync

From responding to calls faster through the mobile call center, sending proactive communications through Broadcast, bridging the distance gap with video capabilities, or getting customers to the right expert through the ticketing system, AgriSync's software enables you to delight and support your customer from beginning to end.  Watch the video here!


Listen: Hiring Talent and Multi-Generational Workforce PodcastEpisode #2 - Hiring New Talent & Working in Multi-Generational Workforce

With record low unemployment and a changing dynamic in the workplace, hiring and maintaining employees is more difficult than ever.  In this episode, we talk to Collin Rupp and Mike Smith, ag industry recruiting and HR experts at Ag 1 Source and explore the different methods of recruiting and hiring employees, while also discussing some of the differences between the generations. Listen to the podcast here.

Download -  Working With Millennials E-GuideWorking with Millennials E-Guide

Need help better understanding the generation set to make up the majority of the workforce?  A generation that values communication, technology, productivity, and the ability to work remotely, Millennials are changing the way we think about the workplaceDownload our free Working with Millennials E-Guide to help you better attract and keep engaged the most tech savvy and socially conscious generation yet.

Your customer service is more than what you do, it is part of who you are and what differentiates you from your competition. With AgriSync by your side, you can take your customer service from good to great. From providing proactive communication to faster response times, your customers will be delighted what AgriSync will help you do.

Thinking of starting with AgriSync?  Contact us to or watch our 3-minute demo to see how AgriSync works!

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