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Customer Service That Doesn't Sleep

Planting season is not for the faint of heart or for those who have to have eight hours of sleep each night. The stress of mother nature is enough to keep any farmer restless at night, even without a detrimental breakdown in the middle of a half-planted field. 

As a farmer himself, Cory Ritter, a sales support technician for AMVAC Chemical, recognizes the short window to get a crop in the field and that having downtime can be a detriment to any operation. Cory and his team at AMVAC have added AgriSync to their support toolbox to bring speed to resolution and give their customers a better product experience. Cory discusses how AMVAC has been able to relieve customers from some of the restless nights during planting season with around the clock service. Since implementing AgriSync, not only have AMVAC's customers been able to have more uptime, but AMVAC has limited the amount of miles they rack up on their service vehicles.

AgriSync allows AMVAC to fix non-toolbox problems without traveling a single mile. When AMVAC was looking for ways to improve their customer service, one of the biggest things Cory Ritter looked for was, "the easiest way for a farmer to get in season service to get them back up and running." 

With planting season upon us, many farmers are spending some late nights in the field. This in turn means more on-the-farm issues arising. AMVAC Chemical is improving their customer service strategy and connecting with their customers by implementing AgriSync. Cody Ritter states, "You search for SmartBox, you will find the trusted advisors on there, that have been handpicked, with a very high level of SmartBox knowledge." Cory goes onto explain, "You send a ticket out and it will send a text message to my phone and some other advisors. Then we know you have a problem." 

During planting season, farmers are not the only ones who keep busy. Dealerships share the weight of stress on their shoulders. With AgriSync, dealerships are able to spread the stress from one individual to a team. AgriSync's VoiceHub™ feature gives support teams a hotline number that will simultaneously ring each individual's phone when a customer calls. Instead of worrying about hitting the snooze button after a long night trying to understand a customer's issue from a text message or a phone call, rest easy knowing AgriSync has your back this planting season.

With everything that happens during planting, AMVAC's goal is to have their products be the least of their customers' worries. Cory says no matter what time of day it is, they will know when a customer experiences a problem and they will be there with AgriSync.