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Cory Ritter ensures better product experience with service innovation

Cory Ritter, Sales Support Technician at AMVAC Chemical, aims to give farmer customers the best experience with AMVAC products by using AgriSync to quickly solve issues. With everything that happens during planting season, AMVAC's goal is to have their products be the least of their farmer customers' worries.As a farmer himself, Cory recognizes the short window to get a crop in the field and that having downtime can be a detriment to any operation. Cory and his team at AMVAC have added AgriSync to their support toolbox to bring speed to resolution and give their farmer customers a better product experience.


Give farmer customers a better experience with AMVAC products.

"As AMVAC moves forward into new platforms like SIMPAS in the future, we want to be able to give the farmer the best experience with our products. The fact that we can get a farmer up and running and make sure that everything going on during planting season, that our products are their least worry."

Take stress off farmer customers during busy seasons like planting.

"If we can create less worry, and get a farmer up and running as quickly as possible, that takes stress off the farmer and allows him to be more productive." 

Maximize uptime for farmer customers when time is limited.

"I farm with my father in Central Illinois and it seems like every year we are getting a shorter window to get that crop in in a timely fashion. And any issue that props up that allows us to not be running that planter through the field is a detriment to our operation. The fact that there is something out there that allows us to contact the support we need quickly and get response back is a big asset to our operation."

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