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Checklist: Improve Customer Experience in Your Dealership


Improving the service you offer to your customers is vital, especially in today’s competitive market.

Dealerships prioritizing customer experience are seeing benefits to their bottom line. This checklist will help you get started with improving your customer experience strategy.

Becoming a leader in the digital customer service experience means improving customer experience. Whether you are dealing with lifelong customers or trying to sell a new customer, the people you support have expectations that you should try to exceed.

This checklist will take you through the fundamental pieces of building a great customer experience and how they are achieved.

Know the current state of your customer service and all of the levers you can pull internally. The best starting place is an internal audit.

  1. Locate gaps in your current customer experience. What questions do you hear repeatedly from customers? Once you know where customers have the most questions or confusion, craft a proactive plan to address questions before they have to be verbalized. Fill in the gaps in your customer experience and help your customers know that your team truly understands their situation. 

  2. Understand how your dealership differentiates. What makes your dealership unique and keeps your customers returning? Note how you are building your dealership’s strategy, executing, measuring, and optimizing to drive revenue growth through increased loyalty. If your primary goal is retention through great customer service, your hiring plan and resource allocation should reflect service as a priority.

  3. Identify constraints keeping your team from delivering its best customer experience. One of the largest constraints faced by dealerships in agriculture is fragmented communication resulting from disconnected teams. Often times, dealerships have experts with a wide breadth of knowledge across varying topics, and that expertise is difficult to disperse across a large territory and volume of customers. Identify your team’s weaknesses so you can then bring in technologies to help you deliver a better customer experience and improve employee morale.

  4. Implement training programs for your sales and support teams. Deliver a consistent experience for your customers. Keep your sales and support teams on the same page with training and seamless internal communication and collaboration. Allowing customers to be able to send one ticket at once asking all their trusted advisors. Then allowing trusted advisors to collaborate to help answer back to farmer more efficiently and effectively.    

Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot by just watching.” Understand external factors like who your bread and butter customers are, what their pain points are, and what your competition is doing.

  1. Know who your customers turn to first. If you aren’t the first resort for issue resolution, you need to evaluate why your customers aren’t turning to you. Perhaps you let them down in the past. Perhaps they don’t know that you have a service team available to help.

  2. Get feedback from customers. Your brand isn’t what you think it is. It’s what your customers say it is. Your brand is captured in the conversations farmers are having over coffee at the local diner. Ask your customers about their experience through conversations and surveys to learn how you can better serve them.

  3. Learn what top dealerships are doing well. What are leading dealerships doing that helps them rise to the top? Take a look at the most respected dealerships across the nation and identify three things they are doing really well. Maybe they’re offering 24/7 service, innovating ways to solve complex problems faster, or using technology to give farmers more uptime. Are there learnings you can apply to your own dealership? 

Communicate value before customers even walk through the door.

  1. Add value before the hard sell. How are you adding value to the customer ahead of the sale? Are you establishing yourself as the leader in your subject area and sharing proactive tips? Are you tired of repeating yourself day in and day out answering the same question constantly? For instance, advisors can use AgriSync Broadcasts to send out a one minute or less video clip to farmer customers with proactive tips.

  2. Let the value of your service be known. Know the value of your time and communicate that to your farmer customers. You aren’t offering your expertise for free. Let your customers know the value of the service they receive from you. Time is valuable, so how do you currently go about tracking billable hours, even when no miles are traveled? AgriSync helps dealerships easily track and manage billable hours.

  3. Begin using technologies that can help to remove pain points in sales and support. A new generation of farm decision makers is on the rise and we need to adapt to meet their evolving needs. They’re tech savvy with smartphones in hand and expect you to be a tap away when they need service. Young farmers in particular are looking to improve profit margins through technology. What new technologies can you use to build a more proactive, customer-centric experience? Can a simple facelift on your website help to simplify the buying process? When dealerships leverage new technologies, they will begin to see changes in how they engage with customers and prospects and will be able to make greater impacts on the bottom-line.

Providing great support can be a moving target as customer expectations continue to rise, so you must continually be looking for ways to improve. Using the knowledge and experience of your team, paired with the insights available from your support technologies like AgriSync, you have information to help inform these improvements. Focus on bridging current gaps and understanding your customers to improve the customer experience and deliver value moving forward.

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