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Byte into Insights: A Series on Data Analytics – Part 2

This is part two of Byte into Insights: A Series on Data Analytics! If you haven’t read part one, which covers how data analytics are used at a broad industry level, be sure to check out that post first! This piece will focus on dealership-specific data analytics and how our customers use the Insights we provide.  

Dealership Data 

We serve hundreds of agricultural implement dealerships, all of which take pride in their business and how they work to put their customers first. This means they are constantly working to improve their operations or service and data analytics can play a big role in this. We often see dealerships benefiting the most from visualizing the activity of their advisors and teams. This usually focuses on tracking the activity of tickets, including messages, phone calls, video calls, and emails, during specific times and days. If a dealership notices a specific team, or the entire business, is receiving heavy ticket activity during certain hours, days, or months, they can adjust accordingly to provide for their customers. Additionally, the data collected here can serve as a great reference for internal team meetings to ensure customer satisfaction, or escalate the top concerns to dealership management.  

A Descriptive Dashboard 

Our Insights Dashboard is where all the data analytics available to our customers can be found. This includes a range of analytics from total tickets, customers served, response times, service ratings, advisor/team activity, and more! We work to collect and analyze your data to create visualizations that are easily digestible and can be turned into actionable items. Through this provided data, dealerships are able to identify shared trends across their customer base and better understand how to meet their needs and wants.  

Designing the Dashboard 

Determining what is included on Insights comes down to a collaboration between our team and our customers. Every two weeks, we release a product update and updates to Insights are frequently included in this release. Sometimes the Insights Dashboard is even being updated outside the standard two-week window! A lot of the time, frequency is dependent on feedback customers provide and when new data metrics can be implemented. Each time a new addition or suggestion comes up, I consider how the new metrics will benefit customers and, if we believe it is beneficial across the board, we work as hard as we can to make it happen!  

Of course, we need to have the data available to be able to turn it into something that our customers can then analyze. If a metric is relatively new and there has been minimal data collected, it may not receive a robust addition to the Insights Dashboard, such as our recent addition to Call Tree Options. As more data is collected, I revisit metrics to determine if it can be added to provide more insights to customers. 

Down the Road 

There are a lot of exciting things that our team has planned to further bolster data analytics for customers to utilize. Customers can expect to have the opportunity to engage in exciting new ways in the near future, including weekly insights emails and more. As always, customer feedback, bug reporting, and general ideas/requests are always welcomed! There are a variety of ways this can be done, however, the best and most direct way is through our Feature Request page within our Canny Changelog. Here you are able to submit your own requests, as well as view and show support for other requests! Collecting data is only beneficial if you can visualize it and turn data into insights, so we encourage all dealerships to take the effort to implement a regular review of the Insights Dashboard.