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Send Bulk Texts in AgriSync!

We all know that during the busy-season, there is no lack of communication between a client and his/her trusted advisor. Phone calls and text messages are at an all-time high, usually initiated when a problem arises in the field. But during the slower months of the year, what tools are your using to spark communication and keep customer engagement? 

Introducing Broadcast Beta

With Broadcast, Admins and Managers can send bulk text messages from the web dashboard to notify customers in-season and keep them engaged in the off-season.  We show you how to use the tool below. Please fill out the this form to activate Broadcast for your account.

Broadcast Beta


Send Proactive Text Messages from your VoiceHub Number. 

Next time you need to notify your customers of important information, such as an RTK tower being down or a new part in stock, initiate a text message to an audience you define. Broadcast text messages will be sent from a team's VoiceHub number, allowing them to respond to the broadcast to create a new ticket.   

Customer Clinic Broadcast cropped 

Share Videos and PDF's in your Broadcast. 

When creating a broadcast, you can choose to include the link to a video or PDF document. This can be a useful tool to share equipment calibration tips, a pre-planting checklist, or PDF user guides.


How Broadcast works:

Step 1: Select the audience to send your broadcast to & the VoiceHub number to send from.

  • If you choose to send your broadcast to a defined audience, download the csv. template and fill-in your recipients' phone numbers. Save the file to your computer and upload it back into broadcast to see the list of recipients. We'll display the names of any existing AgriSync users or names you've saved on previous AgriSync tickets. 

Step 2: If you choose to include a video or PDF in your broadcast, upload the file from your computer.

Step 3: Type out your broadcast message. Brevity is key as you are limited to 150 characters.

  • Note: You have the option to send yourself a test message to check grammar, media link, and delivery.

Step 4: Ship your message!