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Barry Peterson Discusses Support Strategies with AgriSync


Barry Peterson, Integrated Solutions Manager at Papé Machinery, is implementing a connected support strategy that goes beyond machine connectivity. 

Papé Machinery is including AgriSync in their strategy as a remote support tool to have a "know before you go" strategy, gather more intel, or solve problems without having to go out to the machine.

Peterson expects this approach to make the dealer more effective while reducing disruption in the customer operation. 

Offer better service with connected support.

"We're focusing on a connected support strategy utilizing the connectivity of the machine to provide better support for customers. We're going to go beyond that utilizing the AgriSync app to give us one more method for providing remote support to customers beyond RDA."

Have a "Know-Before-You-Go" strategy.

"Some of these things are either being able to have a "know-before-you-go" strategy, gather more intel, or possibly help a customer resolve the problem very quickly without even going out to the machine."

Improve profitability for both farmer and dealer.

"You're, therefore, reducing the disruption in the customer's operation and making the dealer a little bit more effective as well."

Work more efficiently with AgriSync.

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