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Interested in customer service tips and industry best practices? The AgriSync team shares thoughts, tips and lessons learned in agriculture customer service.

Posts by Joanna King:

Get Issues to the Right People Quickly

Joanna King February 21, 2019
Get Issues to the Right People Quickly

When a customer breaks down in the field during planting season, they want help right away. What they don’t want is to be sent to your personal voicemail or put on hold, only to be told that you’re on another service call and will get back to them in a few hours. Issues in the field result in high-stress and low productivity, especially in a time sensitive industry that is often at the mercy of the weather. Slow response times and lack of urgency makes for a bad customer service experience.

10 Ways Dealers are Promoting Service to Customers

Joanna King January 10, 2019
10 Ways Dealers are Promoting Service to Customers

Your service team is set up with AgriSync. You've done practice sessions with your team and know how to open support tickets, start live video sessions, and categorize your tickets. Your internal team is already collaborating through AgriSync, but you know you'll get the highest return on investment when more farmers connect with you on AgriSync.