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August Product Updates

Product Updates is our monthly post on new features and product improvements to keep you up to date.

Live Call Transfer on the Web

If you answer incoming VoiceHub calls on the web dashboard, you can now transfer that phone call live to another Advisor or Team in your account. The ticket will also transfer over to that individual or team.

Animated GIF-downsized_largeAnimated GIF-downsized_large


Share Mobile Device Screen (iOS Beta)

When two AgriSync users join a video call through the mobile app, either party can now share their iPhone screen to help troubleshoot any device or mobile application issues.


iOS screenshare

Add Organization and Account Number via Bulk Contact Import

You can now add Organization or Farm Name to a contact as well as add their Account Number. This can all be done within the Contacts tab on the web dashboard. If you download the bulk import spreadsheet, you can also add these fields as a part of a bulk contact import.


Filter Tickets by Subtag

From the Tickets page on the web, you can how filter by both Tags and Subtags.

Filter by Subtag

Auto-Save Ticket Details (Web)

When adding or editing ticket details on the web, you no longer have to click 'Save' or 'Update'. Any changes to the ticket details will automatically save when you click out of the field or exit the ticket.


Filter by Account Number or Organization

From the Contacts page, you can click on any contact's account number or organization to filter and show other contacts associated with those same fields.

Filter by Account or Organization

Customer Details in Caller ID

When Advisors receive an incoming call on the web, you'll now see the customer's name, segment, account number, and organization as the call comes in.


Tracked Time in Share Ticket URL

When you click the Share button inside a ticket, you'll receive a unique URL to that ticket. This Share Ticket URL now contains both the chat history and tracked time.

ShareURL Tracked Time

Default Voicemail Messages

If you don't record your own VoiceHub messages, a default message will be played for both the Leave Message and After Hours scenarios. These default messages are no longer automated voices. You can listen to the default messages in the Greetings section and choose to override with your own recording.