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Attention Farmers; This One’s For You

By Cara Nolting | 2 minute read

Farmers are the bread and butter of agriculture and we want to ensure your time is well spent getting the most of your large investment in technology, equipment, and other ag inputs. There’s no time for downtime and AgriSync is here to be your on-farm, go-to communication tool when things break on the farm. Our goal is for you to have one touch access to your trusted advisors through a simple app to connect with them when you need help. Now your advisor can see what you see simply through your smartphone.

Here are a few tips for farmers when using AgriSync:

  1. Invite your local ag advisors- the ones you have on speed dial today. They can be from different companies. They will all receive a free trial to our service.
  2. Do a test live video session so you both have a good understanding of how the app works.

Our top priority with AgriSync is to bring speed to resolution when you have a breakdown and you need help now and you don’t want to wait for someone to travel to the farm. Your advisor won’t lose an AgriSync request on a sticky note or bury it in voicemail.

When and how can the AgriSync app be used?

    • Optimize planter settings
    • Troubleshoot monitors and new precision technology
    • Positively ID disease, pests, and parts
    • Fine tune sprayer settings
    • Pinpoint application timing decisions
    • And much more

Did we mention our service is free for famers? You reduce downtime and your advisor reduces costly travel time.

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