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Are You on Target to Reach Your Goals?

What are the odds that you could hit a target 100 yards out with a 60 yard range bowNot very high, right? Reaching your business goals can be the same. But what’s the point in setting a goal if you can’t achieve it?  

To set an achievable goal remember to make them “SMART” to keep your team on target. 


Get down to the nitty gritty details. The deeper you can dive, the more direction you will have when working towards your goalsPlanning each of the steps necessary gives you a blueprint on how to tackle each step one by one, simplifying the process and making success more probable. Ask yourself how you will achieve your goal and what could stop you from reaching it. The more questions you ask yourself, the easier it will be to deliver on your goal. 

Normal Goal – Grow our service business.
Specific Goal – Increase number of service contracts in the northwest territory by 10%. 


There is an old business adage that says, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Your goals are the same. Having the ability to analyze data to measure your goals is paramount to achieving them. With a measuring mechanism in place, you can monitor the progress—or lack thereof— and adjust as necessary. Without a measurement, how would you know for sure if the goal was ever met? 

Normal Goal – Grow our service business this year. 
Measurable Goal – Grow our service business 10% by April and another 5% by October.  


If you don’t have a rocketship, you can’t get to the moon. It’s important to consider the timeeffort and resources you have available to put towards a goal. If you don’t have the tools you need, it makes reaching your goal substantially harder. It’s always best to start small and then build up to more challenging goals. That way, you won’t set yourself up for failure from the start.  

Normal GoalIncrease service business by 15%
Attainable GoalIncrease service business by 10%. (Based on previous year’s growth.) 


Sometimes we get overwhelmed by trying to always “keep up with the Jones. It’s vital to make sure that when you're making a goal for your team, it’s truly something that will benefit your business.  

On the flip side, sometimes we need to establish goals outside our comfort zone, in order to reach bigger picture goal 

Normal GoalIncrease service business by 10%. 
Relevant GoalReach out to five new potential customers each month, because more service won’t happen unless you’ve got more customers.  

Rome wasn’t built in a dayReaching your goals takes time, but time is money. Setting a deadline can prevent you from procrastinating, but it’s also important to give yourself adequate time to do it right. However, this goal won’t be the only task on your plate so keep in mind how other projects and deadlines should be managed within the same time frame 

Normal GoalSet meetings with all my customers by the end of the month, to touch base. 
Attainable GoalSet meetings with all my customers by the end of next month, because I know I will be out of the office for a conference next week.
#ProTip: It may be beneficial to set shorter timelines within the goal to keep yourself on track with each step. 

So, be SMART about your goals. Get into the specifics of how you will get to the goal and identify measurable aspects that determine success. Ensure your goals are attainable based on your team’s unique situation and skills. Set goals that are relevant, so they actually make an impact on your businessBe timely by setting reasonable parameters around when you will achieve your goal.

Download: A mini-guide to creating SMART goals.

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